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   Chapter 446 Not to Call the Police

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7909

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"If the school doesn't give Emily a student grant, I will sponsor her until she completes her education. But Mr. Liu, you should give us a good explanation about where Emily's student grant is. I think the school has already offered her the grant, " Linda confronted Jerome Liu.

"Ms. Xia, mind your words. Don't try to slander me without any proof, " Jerome snapped in a threatening voice with his face darkened.

"I am slandering you without any proof? So you don't want to admit what you have done? How about we go talk to the superiors of the school and ask about it?" said Linda calmly.

"Ms. Xia, I am warning you again. That's slander! I reserve my right to pursue legal actions. Emily Wang, tell everyone how I have treated you. You couldn't get your grant because you are not working hard enough and you have low scores in examinations. You should blame yourself, "

Jerome shifted his attention to Emily and caught her hand.

"Stop it! What are you doing? Don't touch her!" Linda scolded Jerome and slapped his hand. She tried to keep him away from Emily, who was frightened and had shrunken herself to a corner of the room.

"Ms. Xia, I've never done anything against you. Why are you picking on me like this?" Jerome shook his head helplessly.

"Like what? What I done? I just want the truth. Why won't you admit to the crime that you have committed? As a teacher, don't you at least have a tiny bit of guilt and sympathy to your student and her family?" Linda said in a righteous manner.

"I didn't do anything. Stop slandering me!" Jerome shook his head and stood in denial.

"Mr. Liu, I think a person like you is really wasting our country's resources, " Anna next to them suddenly spoke out a remark in disdain, which irritated Jerome. Jerome didn't know who this woman was. He only knew that she always followed Linda everywhere she went and was always by her side. But she didn't actually hold a position in the school.

Linda let out a cold hum of agreement. She despised him even more as she looked at his dishonest face.

"I don't want to waste one more second with you here. If you refuse to admit it, let's go to the police station. Please explain yourself to the police. Anna, call the police now."

As soon as Linda finished her words, Emily's aunt screamed. Her high-pitched voice pierced into Linda ears, making her frow

h the title of Police Superintendent of Class Three.

That was why they were so shocked to see a Police Supervisor of Class One there.

"Mr. Liu, you have already constituted a criminal offence, so we need to investigate your legal responsibility. In accordance with the law, you should be under arrest now, " Ron told Jerome in a peaceful voice, but to Jerome, Ron's voice sounded like a thunder, appalling him very much.

"No, you can't arrest me. I haven't done anything wrong. It's her own fault. She did badly in her studies so she couldn't get her student grant. I have tried my best to help her, " Jerome shouted.

"I don't care whether you admit to it now or not. We will look into your case and make it clear. If you really have done it, you will end up in jail, " said Ron.

Then, Ron asked the other three bodyguards to take Jerome away.

Linda walked up to Emily, who was shivering with fear. She bent down and lifted Emily up, saying, "What do you think? You don't want to go back home with your aunt and uncle, right? Do you want to come home with me? Let me look after you for the following weeks until you enter a college."

Emily could get accommodation in college, so Linda didn't need to worry about where Emily should go if she had successfully entered a college.

The Mu's Group had also put in some funds to sponsor poor university students for their education. Linda would ask Charles to spare some of the funds to Emily if she couldn't get scholarship from her own college. That way, Emily didn't need to worry about her tuition fee, too.

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