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   Chapter 445 Give It to Her or Not

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According to Emily's narration, Linda could tell that Emily's family didn't treat her well. She said that her parents had been dead ever since she was little, and her uncle and aunt had adopted her.

Her uncle and aunt must have mistreated her. Otherwise, they would be willing to pay the tuition fee for her.

The tuition fee of senior high school was affordable for average families.

Emily just needed a year's worth of tuition. After entering the university, she could take on a work-study program and support herself.

"Ms. Xia, what should I do now?"

"First of all, Jerome had misappropriated students' education grants, which is illegal. Don't worry. I'll solve this problem for you. Now, since you are already in your senior year, you should work hard and try to get enrolled by your ideal university."

"Ms. Xia, I still don't know what I should do..."

"Let's go back to the school now."

Linda brought Emily back to the school. After all, she should give the school an explanation.

The news of Emily's suicide attempt had spread throughout the whole school.

Linda now finally knew why Emily wanted to jump off from the building. She was being too hard on herself with the horrible things she was experiencing. Emily would probably never have such thoughts again.

People would come across a lot of setbacks in life. As long as they could snap back to reality in time, nothing would be irreparable.

As long as there was life

A middle-aged man beside the woman scolded her in a low voice. His tone wasn't high, and it also had no confidence.

"She doesn't want to attend the school, but she is still staying in school. She is thick-skinned, isn't she? If I were her, I would have directly crushed my skull and committed suicide. Didn't you want to jump off from the building just now? Why didn't you?"

Linda couldn't listen to her talking rubbish anymore. Were they really Emily's family?

They were much more ruthless than the devil.

Emily had been living with this kind of family members. No wonder she wanted to jump off from the building.

"Sammi, we're in the school. Hold your tongue!" The middle-aged man shook his head helplessly. His words seemed anxious and weak.

"How are you going to deal with this matter now? Will the school give Emily the money or not? If not, she won't be able to continue studying, " Sammi sulked.

They also couldn't afford Emily's tuition fee.

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