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   Chapter 442 Who Is Lady Linda

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6285

Updated: 2018-11-28 00:17

The bodyguards silently climbed to the top floor and slowly approached Emily Wang. Emily was sitting alone on the roof, her eyes looking at the noisy crowd below. She didn't notice that someone was behind her, approaching discreetly. Emily then closed her eyes, distressed. The thoughts in her mind began to run wild. She really wanted to jump off now.

If she jumped off the building, she would be emancipated from the agony of life. She wouldn't need to be tortured by any of her troubles any longer.

Linda's four bodyguards almost reached Emily. But suddenly, Emily seemed to have felt something moving behind, so she turned her head around. When she saw the four bodyguards coming close, Emily was shocked and hysterically shouted at them, "Don't come near me!"

"Young girl, life is so precious. Please don't be impulsive, and calm down. If you're going through difficult times, please follow us, so you could go and have a talk with Lady Linda, " said Ron.

"Who is Lady Linda?" Emily asked as she gripped the edge of the rail tightly. One of her legs was already hanging in the air. If she loosened her grip, she would fall down instantly.

"Come to me, and follow me down. Then, you will know who Lady Linda is."

"Don't come any close! Step backward. If you move one more step forward, I'll jump now, " yelled Emily agitatedly. She wasn't convinced, and she didn't want to hear him out. She shook her head and moved a step forward.

Her movement caused an uproar among the crowd on the ground floor.

Linda looked up. The girl was already in a dangerous state. She guessed that the girl must have noticed her bodyguards.

Linda decided to go upstairs and persuade the girl herself.

"My Lady, don't go there. You are pregnant. It's dangerous, " Anna said as she pulled Linda's arms, stopping her from going up.

"It doesn't matter. I just want to talk wi

lease tell me. I will try my best to help you, " Linda said as she reached out to Emily's hands. Emily's hands were trembling, and they were so cold. Linda assumed that Emily must have come across something very terrible in her life.

"I..." Emily hesitated.

"It's okay. You can tell me."


Emily opened her mouth and was about to tell Linda her story, but then, another man climbed up the stairs and showed up at the entrance of the staircase. Linda looked back and saw Jerome Liu standing there.

Jerome was gasping for air after having climbed up the stairs.

"Emily Wang, what happened? Why do you want to jump off the building and end your life? Come, follow me, and tell me everything, " said Jerome. He went over and caught Emily's hands, trying to drag her away.

But Linda slapped Jerome's hand and asked, "What are you doing? Don't touch her. You are a man, and she is just a teenage girl. Mind your manners."

Jerome got angry when he heard Linda's words. It was this busybody again! He pushed his gold-rimmed glasses up his nose and said in a furious voice, "What do you mean? She's a student in my class. I am her head teacher. Was it wrong to care for my own student? Ms. Xia, can't you just mind your own business?"

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