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   Chapter 441 Get Down Here

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 8312

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Linda was offering psychological counseling to the seniors every day. Her guidance might not be able to improve their grades right away, but it was really helpful for students to face the upcoming college entrance examination. It would relax them a bit and enable them to bring out their best in the exam. Going to college shouldn't be the only way to measure success. It wasn't the only chance they had to make a difference. The teachers should stop telling students that the college entrance examination was the most important thing in their lives. The students were stressed out because of it. Some of them might not be able to bear it and broke down, which would only cause harm to them.

Linda always thought that college entrance examination was only something that they needed to go through in their lives. The students should take it seriously but with a normal attitude.

Life was full of possibilities. It would be best to cross the bridge when it came to that point.

The college entrance examination was now getting closer and closer. The teachers and the students were almost at the end of the road. It was raining that day. Linda was giving a psychological lecture to the students in the classroom. Then, she started hearing noises outside the window during class. It seemed that something had happened.

Most of the students started looking out of the window to see what was going on.

Linda pointed to the student who was sitting in the first row and said, "Edward, could you go check what is happening?"

Edward nodded his head and ran outside to see if there was anything wrong. After about ten seconds, he returned and reported, "Ms. Xia, it seems that a girl student is about to jump off a building. She is sitting at the edge of the roof. Many students are watching her from the ground."

'Another jumper?' Linda shook her head. She had been a teacher here for less than a year, but there had been two jumpers since she got here.

The first time Linda met John was when he was also about to jump down. Luckily, John had listened to what Linda had said and calmed himself. Now that Linda had gotten him off a false accusation, he was getting better and better. Linda couldn't imagine what would have happened if she hadn't been there for John. He might have jumped off the building, doing what the crowd had told him to. A kid would have lost his life.

"I'll go find out what is happening. You all stay here and do some reading, " Linda told the students

etty. Looking at her appearance during class was enjoyable enough for the most of them.

"I heard that Emily had been assigned to a foster family, and her foster family is very poor..." one of the students muttered.

"Even if what you are saying is true, it shouldn't be a big deal. She shouldn't end her life like this.

And all of you, you should never say anything like that to anyone ever again. Do you understand? What if she listens to you and jumps? This is a life we are talking about, and she is your schoolmate. How could you tell her to kill herself?" Linda was trying to let the students realize that what they had said was totally wrong.

In less than ten minutes, the whole school had known that a girl was sitting on the roof and that she might jump down at any minute. The headteacher of the girl's class, Jerome, had showed up outside the building. He shouted to the girl, "Emily, don't do anything stupid. Get down, and talk to us. We can help you."

Emily Wang's tears fell down instantly when she heard Jerome calling out on her. She started murmuring "Mr. Liu", but she was still sitting on the edge of the roof.

"Emily, listen to me. Get down right away. The college entrance examination is just around the corner. Don't you want to seize the chance to change your life? That's an opportunity you should cherish. You don't want to jump down. Trust me. Just get down here!"

Ron and the other bodyguards had climbed up to the roof while Jerome was talking to Emily Wang. Right after they got the order from Linda, they took action. They were all professionally trained, so climbing to the roof was a piece of cake to them.

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