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   Chapter 439 Her Husband Called the Police

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7686

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Linda chatted with Amber for a few more minutes, and then she went back to her office.

The water that Amber had just drunk actually had a drug mixed in it. It was a concoction that Linda had asked Anna to make.

Amber would look and seem normal, but if she got emotional, like she got angry or quarreled with others, the drug would take effect then, messing with her mind and making her seem insane.

Amber could blame nobody else but herself. Linda would never hurt anyone who treated her well. Given what Amber had done before, Linda didn't feel guilty about getting back at Amber.

Everyone who had hurt her, someone like Amber, would not escape Linda's vengeance. She admitted that she wasn't a good person because she would never treat her enemies well.

In the afternoon of the weekend, Linda sat on a chair in the yard of the mansion. It was already May, so it was becoming warmer. Bathing under the rays of the sun, Linda felt comfortable and at peace.

She was happily reading a comic book to relax both herself and the baby.

"Linda, don't read a book under sunlight. It's not good for your eyes." Charles's voice sounded from a distance.

Linda looked toward Charles's direction, but she could only see a blurred figure under the sunlight. The bright sun poured a flood of luminescence upon Charles, making him look like someone sacred and holy. Linda felt amazed and fascinated by the scene in front of her.

As Charles came closer, Linda couldn't help but stretch out her arms to him. Charles embraced her and gently lifted her up. Then, holding on to her waist, Charles took her for a walk in the garden. "Paul told me that you had already taken care of the problems in the school. Is that right?" asked Charles tenderly.

Linda nodded and said, "Yes. It was all done. I won't take any actions to push Amber further anymore. Her destiny is in her hands now. It all depends on how she is going to behave. No matter what happens to her, I won't intervene any longer."

"Honey, you are so smart."

Linda pouted her lips and said, "Don't mock me. I am not smart. Lily helped me get the photos and make the plan work. And, it was Paul who helped me investigate and get all the information. I just conceptualized the plan."

Linda wasn't trying to be modest. She indeed t

lips, her neck... until Linda felt like she was going to suffocate from lack of oxygen. Linda could feel his passion, and she understood his desire quite well.

But they had to wait until their baby came out.

The next morning, Linda woke up very early. She felt so comfortable and fresh because of the good sleep she had. She indeed had a better sleep on the new bed. Charles hadn't gone to his office yet, so they had breakfast together.

"My Lady, Young Master, good morning, " Paul came in and greeted them.

"Good morning, Paul. Would you like to join us for breakfast?" Linda smiled and asked.

"No, thanks. I've already had breakfast. I am here to report something to you and Young Master. Amber Tang was sent to a mental hospital for treatment, " said Paul.

Linda wasn't surprised by the news. It was what she had expected.

"Okay. That's noted. Thank you, " said Linda.

Then, Paul went outside to wait for Charles. Charles looked at Linda and asked, "Why? Why has Amber been sent to the mental hospital? She doesn't seem to have any mental illnesses."

Linda was still peacefully having breakfast, as if the news was of no shock to her, and said, "I asked Anna to get a special drug to make people become insane when they get angry. Amber had drunk the water with the drug. I guessed she went back home and had a quarrel with her husband and Lilian, so the drug began to work, and then she lost her mind. I'm sure she must seem hysterical at that time, which would prompt her husband to call the police."

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