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   Chapter 438 Scheming Against Amber

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7972

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Anna took out a piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to Linda before Linda even asked her to. Linda then passed it on to Amber and said, "Have a look. There is something you should know. I'll help you whenever you need me. You can turn to me if need any help."

After Linda finished speaking, she stood up and left with Anna. Linda walked out of Amber's office with a sneer on her face.

Amber would have to pay for the horrible things she had done to Linda. Breaking up her family was only the first blow. Completely destroying her life was the ultimate aim.

"Wait! How did you get this? Where did it come from?" said Amber from behind. Amber was shocked at the information on the paper, so she rushed out of the door, trying to get more details from Linda. The list on the paper showed the multiple check-in records of Lilian and Greenwood in hotels. What upset Amber most was that the two usually met on Thursdays.

She never noticed that there was something going on between Lilian and Greenwood. Besides, Lilian was her best friend.

They had been best friends for several years.

How could Lilian do such a terrible thing to her? Amber was shocked when she saw their names. Everything just seemed to cave on top of her.

"'That man' gave it to me, of course. I saw what had happened outside the principal's office earlier. He knows about the drama as well, and he asked me to help you out. Do you know what you should do now? Even if you are divorcing your husband, you should take all the property for yourself. Now that you have something on him, it would be easier, wouldn't it?" said Linda.

Amber nodded and said, "Thank you. I know what I should do now. Would you thank him for me? Please let him know that I'll be here whenever he needs me."

Linda nodded in response and left with Anna. Now that the stage had been set up, and the actors and actresses were in place, the show was about to begin.

If there weren't any twists in the show, it wouldn't be a brilliant one.

When the show was over, they would get what they deserved. The people who had made her suffer had to be made liable for their terrible crimes. They had to go through all the pain caused by their own vile actions.

When Linda walked back to her office, she saw that John was standing by the door. He seemed to have been waiting for her for a while. Linda was glad to see him.

ing a teacher himself. His action had profaned the honor of teachers. Amber was also a terrible educator. She had framed John with something he didn't do. She shouldn't be a teacher since she didn't have any ethics.

The horrible things that Amber had done to Linda were still vivid in Linda's mind. Amber would do anything for money, And she didn't care about others' lives. That was unforgivable.

When Linda saw Amber come to school to process her dismissal paperwork, she pretended to show concern for her and even asked her about the divorce.

Linda noticed that Amber's eyes were red as well. She might not have gotten enough sleep these days. Although she and her husband were divorced now, she could not see the principal any longer, especially since the principal's wife knew about their affair now.

Amber had had the principal's daughter, but she was still just a mistress, and the principal, the real father of Amber's daughter, was still a married man with another woman.

"What do you think I should do now? I've lost my job, my family, and everything. I think that someone is behind all these things. Do you have any idea who would do this to me? Where did the photos come from? I don't have any clue whatsoever. Who on earth had problems with me?"

Linda thought it was funny that Amber couldn't figure out who had done this to her. Amused, Linda almost admitted that she was the person behind it, but she held back. She handed Amber a glass of water and said calmly, "Stop thinking about it. Here, have some water."

Amber was thirsty, so she drank it all up.

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