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   Chapter 437 How about I Do You A Big Favor

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When Greenwood saw the result of the paternity test, he was so irritated that he felt like his blood was boiling. The daughter he had spoiled for seven years wasn't his biological daughter.

In Greenwood's eyes, although he had an affair with another woman, he had always treated Amber and his daughter very well. Maybe because he felt a little guilty that he gave his daughter everything she wanted.

He didn't know that he had been bringing up someone else's daughter. Who was the father? Was it the principal? Greenwood wasn't sure about who the father was. Anyway, he was sure that the child wasn't his daughter.

"Read the report of the paternity test yourself! My daughter? How dare you lie to me! Tell me, who is her real father? Is it him?" Greenwood said as he pointed to the principal. He then violently threw the report of the paternity test toward Amber's face.

The edges of the papers flew across Amber's face, giving her paper cuts on her cheeks.

Ignoring the pain on her face, Amber picked up the papers from the ground with her trembling hands. She quickly glanced over the report. She realized that she couldn't keep it a secret from her husband anymore.

Amber was so embarrassed that she really hoped the ground could swallow her up and make her disappear at that very second. She knew that she would become the laughingstock of the whole school very soon because there were a lot of students and teachers curiously observing them from outside the office.

She had no words to defend herself as the proof was solidly documented on paper.

Amber took a deep breath and managed to compose herself. She said, "Greenwood, the whole story isn't like what you think it is. Don't make a fuss here. Go home now, and I will give you an explanation later. But if you want to divorce me, then it's okay."

"Divorce? Okay, since that is what you want, let's have a divorce. But you had an affair with another man, and your daughter is not mine, so you are the one responsible for the failure of our marriage. I demand you to give up all our marital properties upon the divorce settlement."

"Give up all our marital properties? No way!"

Amber wouldn't agree with his idea. If she gave up all the joint assets, she would lose her current car and house, and she woul

e known about what had happened today. I am so worried. I don't know what I should do."

"What are you worried about? I've heard that your daughter's real father is the principal. If that is the case, then you can just divorce your husband, " Linda said casually.

"It's not that simple. Everyone knows that I had an affair. I am not sad about divorcing my husband. But since I was the one who had committed an affair, my husband demanded that I have to give up all our marital properties when we divorce. I have spent a great deal of money for our house, and the loan hasn't been paid off, yet. My husband's car was also bought by me after we got married. It's counted as marital property, too. As far as I know, all these assets will probably belong to my husband if we file a divorce case. I will then become penniless, " said Amber in a morose voice.

'So... she is worried about the money, ' thought Linda.

Linda smiled and looked at Amber, saying, "Take it easy. Do you really want to divorce your husband?"

"I have been considering it. I just couldn't make up my mind. I didn't love him when we got married. I chose him only because we were childhood playmates. I won't feel any pity if I divorce him. Plus, he is a very lazy man..."

"Then just divorce him. Don't worry. It's not necessary for you to give up all your marital properties. How about I do you a big favor?"

Linda said as she patted Amber's shoulder and looked into her eyes.

"What? How are you going to help me?" asked Amber, confused.

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