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   Chapter 436 My Reputation Is Ruined Forever!

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7168

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Linda came to realize that Greenwood had caught Amber cheating on him with the principal. She wondered if he had gotten the results of his daughter's paternity test.

He even went as far as to cook up a storm at the school. He must have been furious!

Linda and Anna went to the principal's office to see this dramatic fight.

The sonorous sound of Greenwood's abusive words wafted along the floor. They even heard it from outside the office.

Men tended to flare up when they found out that their female partners had cheated on them. That was the way it was. Linda didn't feel sorry for Greenwood, for he, too, was also cheating on his wife. He deserved no sympathy from others.

"Yes, you may be the principal of this school, but you have no right to fool around with my wife. How long have you two been together? Tell me the truth! Aren't you ashamed of yourself when you did it with a teacher of your school?"

"Silence won't clean up your sins. You have to tell me how you are going to deal with it!"

Curses after curses could be heard outside the principal's office, attracting many students to this uproar as it had happened during their noon break!

But the principal told these students with a solemn face, "What are you all looking at? Haven't you got any schoolwork to attend to? Go back to your classroom to study."

These students had no reason to contradict him, for he was the big boss of this school. They had to obey his words and go back to their classrooms. But some rebellious ones didn't follow his instruction. They hid themselves in the bathroom where they could eavesdrop on the fight. It was certainly big news which was too interesting to miss!

High school students more or less knew what love and sex were about, so they had an inkling that something was not right. Not to mention, this was such a juicy gossip!

Linda and Anna didn't go to the exact site of the quarrel; instead, they chose a spot upstairs on the corridor where they could clearly see the two people and hear their conversation, while those downstairs couldn't see them. It was such a good spot.

"What do you want? You can't beh

enwood shoved her away. His face was darkened with fury. "Then, perhaps you could explain to me what this is. I have trusted you. But you have let me down. You even slept with another man. You whore! I want a divorce!"

Greenwood took out a photo from his pocket and threw it toward Amber.

She picked it up and looked at it. Her heart sunk at the glimpse of it. It was the same photo she had seen before. Who gave it to him? Who was plotting against her? Whoever did that must have hated her so bad. Why else would that person do such a thing?

In that photo, Amber and the principal were half naked, their bodies intertwined. Surely, any man could tell that they were doing it. She couldn't undo what she had already done!

The principal also saw the picture, but he calmed himself down and told Greenwood, "It may be photoshoped. Why don't you trust your own wife? I am the principal of this school. I would never do such thing! You'd better go. I'll have someone look into it. Your reputation will not be sullied. I promise you."

Greenwood sneered at his words. If he hadn't done the paternity test, he would have bought the principal's words about someone trying to frame them.

However, some other day after school, he brought his daughter from the kindergarten to the hospital and performed a paternity test. The test result came out this morning. It said that Amber's daughter was not his biological daughter.

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