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   Chapter 435 A Good Show Is On

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"Wow! Lilian has put on makeup on her face today, " Linda said with surprise. Upon seeing Lilian, Linda noticed that she was different from usual. She was all dressed up and had put on light makeup today. She was looking at herself in the mirror in her hand while she was walking. The windows of Linda's car were tinted glass, so people outside couldn't see the things inside the car, but the people in the car could clearly see everything outside. Linda was able to see all of Lilian's movements, without alarming her.

"I think that Lilian is going on a date. Is she going to meet Amber's husband, Greenwood Yu?" Anna reckoned and said.

"There is a good chance that she is, " Linda said as she nodded to agree.

There were four bodyguards there to protect Linda. Linda told one of the bodyguards, "Ron, please do me a favor. Don't come back home with us now. Follow that woman in front of us. Go and see whom she is going to meet. If possible, take photos of them and send the photos to me."

The bodyguard called Ron instantly nodded his head and said, "Yes, My Lady."

Lilian got in her car and started to drive away.

Linda always had two cars with her. One was where she sat, and the other was usually for her bodyguards. Now, Ron got off Linda's car and moved to the car behind them. He quickly changed seats with another bodyguard and drove the car to follow Lilian.

Then, Linda and Anna went back to the villa of the Mu clan with other bodyguards.

After Linda had finished her dinner, Ron came back.

He handed a USB flash drive to Linda and said, "My Lady, I followed that woman all the way, and she entered the TR Hotel. I didn't follow her into the room."

"TR Hotel? Anna, please call Paul and ask him to investigate the check-in records of the TR Hotel, " Linda told Anna.

Some moments later, Paul called back to report to Linda. As Linda had expected, Lilian was indeed meeting Greenwood Yu in the hotel.

The check-in record was solid evidence because they had to show their identity cards and used their real names to get a room.

After she ended the call with Paul, Linda waved to the bodyguard and said, "Okay, I see. Thank you, Ron. You may now leave and have a rest."

At around eight o'clock in the evening, Charles came back home from his work.

Linda was watching TV in the living room. When she saw Charles coming in, she stood up from the sofa

t on his daughter, " said Linda.

Linda felt sorry for their daughter. If she did this, Amber's family would break up. It would be a tragedy for their daughter's childhood. But Linda thought she had to carry on her plan.

The kid had the right to know about the truth. What's more, if she grew up in such a family, she wouldn't be happy. Linda didn't think of herself as some benevolent woman. She couldn't make herself care about everyone's feelings. She knew that she had to take her revenge on Amber, and she had to let all the people, who had ever hurt her, pay for what they had done.

"Okay, no problem, " said Lily.

After one week, Linda had left the matter with Amber alone because she had already started giving psychology lessons to students. The students were quite fond of Linda's lessons. With so much pressure in their studies, they all felt quite relaxed after having listened to Linda's lessons. Linda had pumped a feeling of hope into their hearts, making the students have positive attitudes toward the examinations and their lives.

After working for a whole afternoon, Linda was tired. She was pregnant. She couldn't tire herself too much, so she had a rest in her office. She was taking a sip from her glass of water when Anna suddenly came in and said, "My Lady, come out now! A good show is on!"

"What good show? I am not going. I am so tired, " said Linda.

"It's the show you've wanted to happen. Come, or you will regret it. Amber's husband has come to the school. He is making a scene in the principal's office!" Anna said with a joyful smile on her face.

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