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   Chapter 434 Meet Lilian

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Amber Tang managed to put a smile on her face to please the principal. She didn't say anything to complain, but in her mind, she had already cursed the principal with the most vicious words she knew.

She was well aware of how much a sly fox the principal was. Amber understood that she was only one of his chess pieces, so if anything became a threat to his interests in the future, the principal would throw her away from the chessboard of his life in a heartbeat.

After all, it was not difficult for him to find another woman to be his mistress once he got rid of Amber.

The principal was wealthy, too.

Not only that, but he also had a noble reputation in front of other people. He could not only help Amber financially, but he could also bring fame to her. That was why she still needed the principal.

"You bad man. You were so angry with me just now, but now you've completely changed your facial expression. Don't try to fool me. I know what's in your mind, " Amber said as she pouted her lips.

"Forget it, baby. Please don't get angry, " The principal coaxed her as he put one hand on Amber's chest, gently fondling her breast. He felt great while touching it. He thought that women in their thirties were at their prime.

"Fine. So... how did you get this photo anyway? Who did it? Who else can come to your office? I think that it may be someone close to you, " said Amber.

She started to calm down and analyze the matter. After all, she was the woman in the saucy photo and she didn't want her reputation to be ruined.

"Babe, I think we'd better keep a distance from each other in the next few days. It's such a risky time for us. If someone takes a photo of us again, it will bring troubles to both you and me. What do you think?"

The principal was one of the candidates in the election of the most excellent educator of the city. He didn't want to get involved in any trouble at this critical point, nor did he want his career to be ruined because of Amber.

"Okay, then, I won't come to you these days. But, our daughter is going to enter primary school. You have to find a good school for her. I've mentioned it to you before. You have to have it done before September. Please do remember it. She's our daughter, "

Amber reminded him.

Her relationship with the principal had already lasted for many years. Their daug

slangs, such as "wearing a green hat", means that a wife is unfaithful to her husband.)

Anna felt so amused. Amber was indeed unfaithful to her husband, and she was also being betrayed by him at the same time. What a weird couple! They actually were a perfect match for each other.

Linda remembered that she had started to suspect Amber after the investigation about the background of her family. She noticed that Amber's house was purchased on a loan, but she had bought an Audi A4 on full payment. That was unusual.

Linda didn't know about the relationship between Amber and the principal at that time, so she didn't understand how she got the money then.

But now, the answer was obvious.

Linda believed that Amber got the money from the principal.

"Anna, do you have any idea about how to make Greenwood Yu discover these photos himself? The photos are in Lilian's computer. Greenwood also has an affair with Lilian, so there must be a chance that they will have another secret rendezvous some time later, " said Linda.

"That's kind of difficult. We don't know when they will be together or have sex somewhere, " said Anna.

Linda nodded to agree. "Yes, you are right. Then... let's just wait and see."

It was half past four. It was time for Linda to go back home.

She went to the parking lot, got in her car, and was about to go back home under the protection of her bodyguards.

But Anna suddenly pointed to a woman walking toward their direction and asked, "My Lady. Look, isn't that Lilian Li? How fortunate! this could be our chance."

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