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   Chapter 433 The Hidden Camera in The Office

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7269

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"I want to have a look at those photos."

Lily Jiang was still covering the laptop screen with her hands, not letting Linda see any of those photos. After Lily Jiang removed her hands away from the laptop, Linda was stunned by the photos stored in Lilian's laptop. Those were photos of Amber and the principal!

Judging from the strange angle, Linda bet they were taken secretly in the principal's office.

The photos were of Amber and the principal experimenting different sex positions. Some photos showed them in their underwear; some, they were semi-naked. Most of the photos, though, displayed them fully addressed.

But according to their postures, they were making love when they were secretly photographed.

"Why are those photos stored in Lilian's laptop? Does Lilian know the relationship between the principal and Amber? She is one of the principal's relatives, right?"

"It seems that these photos were taken in secret. I'm guessing that a hidden camera might have been installed on a row of bookshelves on the left side of the principal's office. But I don't know the specific location."

"It doesn't matter. After all, we have these photos."

The next morning, when the principal was about to enter his office, he found a photo at the door. He picked up the photo and broke out in a cold sweat while looking at it. Even if his face in the photo was blurred, he was still frightened by it.

He glanced around and immediately ran into the office with the photo in his hand. He immediately locked the door behind him.

There was a phone number behind the photo. It was left by Linda, of course. She did that to set a trap for the principal.

The principal was a prudent man who had experienced a lot. He didn't dial the phone number right away when he saw it. Instead, he began to guess whose phone number it was. He also wondered why that person did that to him.

He noticed that the photo was shot in secret.

After checking carefully, the principal was sure of the camera's location. It might be hidden somewhere near the tea table nearby.

He had no idea whether the camera was still there or not.

He believed that it was a hidden reco

so ugly in it. They weren't even wearing any clothes in the photo. She remembered that the school sports meeting was held on that day, and they were expecting no one to come to the principal's office, so they boldly came there to enjoy their lustful moments. She didn't expect that someone would take photos of them in secret.

"I didn't place that camera here. Who else has been here? How could that person install a camera?"

Of course, Amber would never admit to having done such thing. She also believed that there was a bigger plot than they would assume.

"You didn't do it? Who else could do such thing to me? Didn't you take the photo to use it to threaten me just because you want me to promote you?" The principal was always easily suspicious of others.

Amber rolled her eyes and said, "I'm not that silly. This is a photo of you and me. Don't forget that I have a husband. If this photo was spread and seen by others, my reputation and my life will be completely ruined."

The principal thought that what she said was right. He pondered it for a long while earlier on and thought that only Amber could do such thing. Now, it turned out that he had misunderstood her. He immediately held Amber in his arms and lovingly said, "Honey, I'm so sorry. I'm just too nervous. You know that many people want me to see me fall down because they want to take my place. I'm just worried that something bad might happen. Please forgive me."

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