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   Chapter 432 Photos and Videos in Lilian's Computer

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6421

Updated: 2018-11-23 00:13

The description of the principal's appearance made Linda, Lily, and Anna burst into laughter.

They couldn't help wondering what he exactly looked like.

Lily put her laptop on the desk and talked to Linda, "I can find everything you want from their computers as long as you have their IP addresses."

However, the IP addresses of each computer might change from time to time. Since she couldn't ask for it directly, Linda wondered about how she was going to get it.

Seeing that Linda found it difficult, Lily said, "Don't worry. It's not that difficult to get their IP addresses. Is there any online community where they often visited?"

Linda vaguely remembered that there was one in her school. The school leaders all encouraged teachers to interact with students on that website so as to build a better relationship between them.

But she had no idea whether Amber was active there. Given her personality, Linda guessed that she wouldn't talk to students in that online community. Since Amber paid no attention to her teaching, it was unlikely for her to talk to students online.

To be honest, IT was not a main subject in high school, so the other major subject teachers tended to occupy most of the time with the students, leaving Amber with almost no pressure on her teaching.

No wonder she accepted this teaching position... It required little professional teaching skills of her.

"Let's check that online community!" Lily said with a smirk.

Lily then turned on the computer, and Linda inputted the website's address. It seemed to be a gold mine for them. From the homepage, they found Amber's comments. While students could use their screen names on it, the school leaders required teachers to use their real names for the sake of authenticity.

Amber happened to be the administrator of comments on this website, so her replies were easy to find at the homepage.

"Is any of her IP addre

think that you would be better off in teaching IT. Are you interested in the position of an IT teacher?"

Amber was not a qualified teacher, so Linda would get rid of her from Z High School sooner or later. Then, the position would be vacant. Lily, who was interested in IT and passionate about teaching, would surely be a good teacher. The students would be fond of a teacher like Lily, and they would be able to learn many useful skills from an expert.

Back in her high school days, Linda and her classmates all admired those hackers. She believed that students nowadays might still look up to these professionals.

And the students would certainly be proud to have Thorn-Apple, who enjoyed a great reputation in education field, as their teacher.

"Thank you, Linda." After having her true intentions exposed, Lily became a little embarrassed. She nodded and stuck out her tongue at Linda, looking adorable.

Linda and Anna then left for the living room to watch TV, leaving Lily to crack Lilian's locked files alone.

Half an hour had passed. Linda was watching TV when Lily screamed. Linda rushed to her.

"What's the matter, Lily?"

"Damn it! Linda, the photos here are way too erotic! Would you like to guess what they are? There are even videos of her!"

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