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   Chapter 431 Have You Ever Seen A Hideous Man

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Lily Jiang felt embarrassed. She didn't know what to say when she heard Nelson ask her with concern.

Linda was secretly snickering and jokingly said, "That's right. Lily Jiang seems to have gotten ill. Do you want to help check whether she really is or not?"

"What's wrong? You were fine just now, " said Nelson seriously.

He had no idea that Linda was just playing a prank on him.

"I'm not sick. Linda is just joking. Don't take it seriously! ! !" retorted Lily Jiang at once.

"Good. As long as you are fine... You should call me if you feel uncomfortable. I need to go now. I have to help Lord Nalan deal with something." Nelson looked at Lily Jiang thoughtfully.

"Just go." When she heard that Nelson was about to leave, Lily Jiang began to pout, seeming a bit morose. They hadn't seen each other for more than half a month, and now they had to say goodbye after being together for only a short while. Lily Jiang was unhappy about this, of course.

Although she had just uttered two words, Lily Jiang actually felt very aggrieved.

"Lily, I will come here to see you tomorrow after I finish my work."

"Don't come here. I don't want to see you."

"Well, okay."

"You are such a fool. Are you really not coming to see me? When I tell you not to come here, I don't really mean that."

Nelson was speechless and confused.

Linda couldn't help but burst into laughter when she heard the conversation between Nelson and Lily Jiang. She thought that Nelson had no idea what girls were thinking at all.

"Okay. You should go back and deal with your work. Lily will stay here with me, so don't worry about her, " said Linda with a smile.

"Okay. Thank you. I have to leave now. Lord Nalan's matter is rather urgent." Nelson nodded and left with a few strides. It seemed that he really had something urgent to deal with. Otherwise, he would have stayed there and spent some time with Lily Jiang.

If he didn't love Lily Jiang, Nelson would surely refuse to go to Lily Jiang when Linda called him to do that. Clearly, there was something urgent that he had to handle, but he still went to pick Lily Jiang up. Thus, what he had done implied that he wanted to see Lily Jiang very much.


ithout a doubt, women liked gossiping.

Lily Jiang enjoyed hearing Linda tell her about Amber's matters even though she didn't really know Amber. She was a young lady, and she loved talking about other people's private lives. She even asked Linda the juicy details of that matter. Linda was amused and couldn't even answer her since she didn't know that much. The love affair was between Amber and the principal, not hers.

In Lily Jiang's eyes, Amber was really something. She even had a relationship with the principal. But she had to pay the price for it. She probably did not expect that her husband had hooked up with her best friend while she was cheating on him.

Perhaps, Amber didn't know that her husband was having an affair with her best friend. But Linda still needed to investigate that. She had already asked Paul to spy on them. If there was anything happening, or if he discovered that Amber's husband had a date with Amber's best friend in secret, Paul would take photos of them.

"I'm very curious about what that principal and Amber look like. According to your description, they are both not good-looking."

After dinner, Lily Jiang talked about this topic again. Linda was pleased to discuss it with her. Also, Anna was there. The three women indulged in gossip happily.

"Lily, do you want to know how the principal looks? Have you ever seen a hideous man..."


Lily Jiang couldn't help but laugh before Anna finished her words.

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