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   Chapter 430 Why Is Your Face So Red

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7864

Updated: 2018-11-22 00:18

"Mr. Li, why are you here?"

Although the history professor wanted to ask more, Nelson Li didn't answer his question but instead asked, "Sir, may I go in?"

"Yes, of course."

The professor understood that Nelson might not want to have his identity exposed. After all, most of the students there didn't know about his important status in this campus.

After getting the professor's approval, Nelson immediately scanned around the classroom, and then he finally rested his eyes on Lily Jiang. Lily was also looking at him.

Lily was sitting on one of the seats in the second row from the back of the classroom. Nelson slowly went toward her, his eyes solely on her. But at that moment, he noticed a male student sitting next to Lily.

Nelson asked the male student, "Excuse me? Can you please move to another seat?"

"Who are you? Why should I change my seat?"

The male student's face instantly darkened. He had managed with all his efforts to sit next to a beautiful girl, but someone dared ask him to move to another seat. How could he give up the best seat in the classroom where he had a clear view of a beautiful girl sitting right next to him? 'Who on earth is this man? How dare he ask me to move away! The professor is still giving his lecture!' thought the male student angrily.

"I am sorry. Please give your seat to me. I have something to talk with her, " Nelson said politely as he pointed at Lily. He indeed had something to tell Lily. Linda had instructed him to ask Lily's opinion on whether she was willing to stay in the Mu clan's villa during her summer vacation to keep Linda company.

"What do you want to tell her? Okay, I know. You just want to confess your love to her, right? Please queue up. There are a lot of men in front of you, waiting for their turns to confess to Lily. Who do you think you are? Do you think that Lily would like you? You don't look like a student of this school. Get out now, and give up on pursuing Lily!"

The male student poured out a flow of words in a scornful way, which irritated Nelson. What did he mean by saying those?

Nelson was about to retort, but Lily said in an imposing manner, "Sam Zhao, could you please move to another seat? This is my boyfriend."

The male student called Sam Zhao was shocked by her words. 'What? Lily Jiang has a boyfriend? I have been pesterin

ly and followed Lily. He kept following her anywhere she went for about one hour until Lily cooled down.

Nelson asked, "So what's your answer to Lady Linda's question? Are you willing to go stay with her? If yes, I am driving you there now."

"Okay, fine, " said Lily.

Lily hadn't seen Linda for about half a month. She had also missed her.

Nelson then drove Lily to the Mu clan's villa, where Linda was staying now. As soon as she saw Linda, Lily stretched out her arms and gave Linda a warm hug.

"Linda, long time no see. Have you missed me?" said Lily playfully.

"Haha... Lily, be gentle. I am pregnant now. Don't hug me so tight. What if you have frightened my baby?" Linda teased. She was also excited to see Lily.

"Oh, right. I forgot. Your belly has really become bigger in the past two weeks." Lily bent down and held on to Linda's waist with one of her arms, resting her face on Linda's belly, And then she gently touched her belly with her another hand.

Lily said, "Dear baby, don't be afraid. I am your Auntie Lily. We will meet each other in a few months."

Linda was amused by Lily's funny look. She tenderly patted her head and teased, "My baby is coming out soon. Where's yours? When are you going to have a baby with Nelson?"

Instantly, Lily's face flushed bright red. At that moment, Nelson was just coming in. He had to park the car so he miss the conversation between Lily and Linda. When he came in and saw Lily's red face, he felt curious and asked worriedly, "What's wrong? Lily, are you sick? Why is your face so red?"

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