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   Chapter 429 Cindy Is Coming Back

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Linda knew that the principal was mad at her, but the feeling was mutual. She could do nothing about it, nor did she want to do anything to fix it. Now that they both held grudges against each other, it might do them good to speak their frustrations out.

She was not afraid of him.

Linda headed toward her own office after she had left the principal's office. It was the second time for her to visit the principal in just one day. Now, she was feeling a little exhausted given her condition.

She got ready and asked for a leave in the afternoon, so she could go together with Anna to have her prenatal checkup in the hospital.

The baby was very healthy.

Linda was relieved to hear that piece of news. The health of her child was the only thing that mattered to her at the moment. She would leave the other things up to the gods.

While Linda was at the hospital, she stopped by Donna's ward to check on her. Donna was on her road to recovery. She could be discharged from the hospital in a few days. With some medication, her illness could be kept under control.

Donna was happy to see Linda with her gradually protruding belly.

Inside the ward

"I'll ask the doctor to perform another checkup on you. If you are in good condition, then you can leave the hospital and stay at home. Confining yourself at the hospital will not do you any good!"

Linda said to her mother while peeling an apple.

"Okay. I have been feeling well these days. It seems that I have fully recovered from the illness."

"Father is waiting for you at home!"

Donna said with a sigh, "Well... I feel somewhat guilty. After all, it was I who had wronged your father in the first place."

"Stop obsessing about these things. Everything is fine now. What's past is past." Donna seemed to have been blaming herself for what had happened that year.

Linda knew that was how her mother would react, so she said nothing more.

"By the way, I have something to tell you. Your sister is coming back, " said Donna after a short pause

Nelson was slow in reacting when it came to love affairs.

Now, with a valid errand, Nelson drove his car and headed directly toward Z University in a cheerful mood.

Z University was sponsored by the Nalan clan, and Nelson was personally responsible for most of its businesses.

Many of the management personnel at the university wanted to be on his good side.

He was sort of a senior staff member.

He was here for Lily this time, so he tried to keep it down. If his memory had served him right, he still recalled her classroom number and her class schedule. She had two lectures of history and humanities this afternoon, and she would be ready to leave at around five o'clock.

Nelson waited for a while by the entrance of her classroom. He had caught a glimpse of Lily. Unable to repress his eagerness, he knocked on the door straightaway.

When the door opened, Nelson told the teacher, "Sorry, I'm late. Can I come inside?"

Glancing at him, the teacher was quite shocked. As a senior professor at the department of history, he had been teaching in the university for a very long time. Thus, he recognized Nelson right away. Nelson would attend all these award ceremonies of the university. These teachers knew him by heart.

'Isn't he the person, assigned by the Nalan clan, who is responsible for most of the school affairs?'

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