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   Chapter 428 Being The Lady Of The Mu Clan Is Not A Big Deal

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No wonder John had bad grades before. It was because of his personal experience! Linda once paid special attention to him, and he was still greatly touched by her kind gesture.

Linda thought of her own childhood. It was a relatively happy one. Although she was born a lot earlier than her sister Cindy, and Linda was not her mother's biological daughter, Donna treated the two children the same. Linda loved her younger sister Cindy, and Cindy also respected her elder sister.

Linda would not interfere with Cindy's life, but sometimes she would guide Cindy back to the right path.

Linda had always believed that, whether it was the parents or elder siblings, it would be better to influence the younger ones in a wholesome way when guiding them, and not by simply interfering with one specific matter.

Otherwise, it would easily arouse the rebellious behavior of the adolescents.

"It's okay. It's all over, right? In fact, your parents aren't treating you badly, are they? And maybe your younger sister needs more care. You are the elder brother after all!" said Linda.

"Okay, Miss. Xia. You are right. Don't worry. I have already gotten over it. When I was a kid, I got a bit angry at them since they only took my younger sister out, leaving me alone at home to study. I was rebellious at that time, so I didn't work hard on my study, and my grades wasn't so good, " said John.

That explained it. Parents really had great influences on children.

Linda despised the type of parents who wanted their children to be excellent, but they themselves were incompetent. If their children couldn't study better or improve even if they had already tried their best, they would scold their children hard, sometimes even adding violence to the supposed "discipline".

Linda despised those types of parents the most. For the lack of a better phrase, a person who did nothing but lay one egg couldn't expect his egg to become a phoenix, soaring off into

t should not be looked over upon.

"About this, My Lady... Sorry, Miss Xia. Amber asked me to turn a blind eye to it. After all, she was pretty upset because of it. So I did what she asked, " replied the headmaster.

Linda sneered inside. What the headmaster meant was that Amber was good at making men listen to her.

"Now, you know what you should do. The kid ranked first in his whole batch. If the punishment is not lifted, he cannot go into any universities, " said Linda.

The headmaster surely grasped what she meant, so he nodded and said, "Don't worry. I'll solve the matter in a week."

"Then, I shall take my leave now. Remember what you said, headmaster. By the way, if my memory serves me right, you were also a teacher back then, right? What's the most important thing in being a teacher? I believe you know it, so please behave yourself, " said Linda.

After she finished speaking, Linda slammed the door and left. She was not willing to give a good look at a scumbag like him.

After she left, the headmaster instantly turned from a yes-man to a brute. Looking at her receding back from the window, he showed a ferocious look and said to himself, "Bitch, just because she's the Lady of the Mu clan, she thinks she's a few notches above others. And how dare she boss me around!"

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