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   Chapter 427 My Disciplinary Punishment hasn't been Revoked

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"It all depends on how you are going to cooperate, "

Linda turned her head around and said to the principal arrogantly. With a second look at the principal's face and body, she felt even more disgusted. His fat body seemed to have indicated how many bribes he had taken secretly, as if each penny had eventually turned to a portion of fat inside his body.

Linda didn't want to see him even for one more second. She left the office without saying anything more.

After they walked out of the office, Anna couldn't restrain her laughter and told Linda, "My Lady, did you see the headmaster's face? It was as red as blood. I am so amused by his angry expression."

"He must have done a lot of other bad things behind the scenes. I will teach him a lesson after I've punished Amber Tang, "

Linda said indifferently.

"Hmm... That's a good idea, " said Anna.

It was already noon, and Linda was hungry, so she intended to have lunch with Anna first. Since Anna was here, Linda didn't go to the canteen of the school; they went outside for some nice restaurant.

When they reached the gate of the school, Linda noticed a familiar figure. She looked at him carefully and found that it was John Li.

"John, " Linda shouted toward the man.

John was walking out of the store near the school gate, holding a cup of instant noodles in his hands. He was surprised to see Linda there.

"Miss Xia, are you back to working in the school again?" asked John.

"Yes. Why are you eating instant noodles here? Why didn't you go to the canteen in the school?"

John curled his lips with embarrassment and said, "The food in the canteen taste so bad, but the school demands us to pay for the meal. I don't like eating them, yet we are not allowed to leave the school at noon time. So... here I am, buying instant noodles."

"You are still an adolescent, a growing boy. It's not good for your health to eat too much instant noodles. Come with me. I will take you out to have lunch with us, " said Linda.

It was the written rule that students were not permitted to go out of the school at noon, not unless with a proper reason. Since John was going out together with Linda, the security guard at the gate didn't stop him.

There were quite a lot of restaurants near t

your pregnancy. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to see you again before I would graduate. Luckily, I've met you again, " said John.

Linda didn't want to tell John about the true story of her leaving the school. After all, John was still a teenager.

"Yes, I am back for good. Don't worry about anything. If you come across any trouble, just come tell me. I am in the same office as before."

John's eyes brightened up with excitement.

With a better look at John, Linda now noticed that John had become more handsome in the past months. He was taller, and his skin has whitened.

He would be very popular among girls in a few years.

"Miss Xia, can I touch your belly and say hello to the baby?"

John asked hesitantly as he looked at Linda's big belly.

"Yes, of course, you can." A pregnant woman was always full of motherly love in her heart. When Linda heard John's words, she immediately waved at him and beckoned him to come over to her.

John's hands trembled as he slightly touched Linda's belly.

"Many years ago, my mother was also pregnant with my little sister. Her belly was as big as yours. But she didn't allow me to touch her belly. I suppose that she might have watched too much negative news, so she was afraid that I would treat my sister badly, " John said with a bitter smile.

"Really? You have a younger sister?" Linda asked.

"Yes, but my parents have left me alone ever since my sister's birth..."

John said casually. But Linda felt so sympathetic for him.

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