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   Chapter 426 The Female Teacher and The Principal

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Linda and Anna got closer to the office door, so they could hear more clearly the conversation between Amber and the principal.

"Don't be so anxious. You should wait patiently. You know that you graduated from a junior college, and you can only get a higher title when you work as a first-level teacher for more than five years."

"You mean I have to wait for two more years? But I don't want to wait anymore. You can promote me to a more senior position. No one will know my educational background as long as you don't tell others about it."

"I can't help you do that. Your educational background documents have to be submitted to the Education Bureau. They will surely find something wrong with it. If they do, I might even lose my job because of that."

Amber wanted to become a senior teacher. Linda learned that there were stringent conditions on the the selection of senior teachers. The most important thing was that the candidate should have solid fundamental theoretical and professional knowledge.

However, Linda didn't find that Amber possessed any professional knowledge and skill. She only saw that Amber often did something against the teachers' morality, like what she was doing inside the principal's office now.

Amber and the principal kept talking in the office. Linda turned on the recording device of the dragon ring and recorded their whole conversation.

Now, Amber could never be promoted to a higher position. If she wanted to be a senior teacher, she had to be experienced in teaching, with an outstanding performance.

However, as a teacher, Amber always did a lot of thing to violate the position's morality which was the most important and basic code of ethics. She even ignored the basic principle of humanity.

The principal seemed to be in disagreement with her. Amber continued behaving in a spoiled manner.

"Honey, please help me this time. The staff of the Education Bureau might not check anything, right? You know a lot of powerful people in the Education Bureau, so it will be easy to help me get the position of senior teacher."

Amber's words made Linda feel sick. Amber was a middle-aged woman, but she spoke in a cutesy voice which didn't match her face.

At this moment, Anna seemed to have discovered something. She drew Linda beside the window. Although the window curtai

aughter's father, right?"

The principal got upset and scared while listening to Linda's remarks. Speechless, he looked at Linda and began to tremble.

"How did you know that?"

"I just happened to know that. Since you are an educator with a senior position, it is not appropriate for you to have an intimate relationship with a female teacher who is your subordinate. I won't meddle in your personal affairs, but I have a grudge against Amber, so think about it. If you don't dismiss her, I can tell my friends who work in the Education Bureau about your relationship with Amber. If you agree with me, you have to ask her to leave the school."

"Okay, okay. I will dismiss her."

The principal was self-centered. He always tried his best to keep himself from incurring troubles. When his interest was under threat, he would surely abandon Amber, without hesitation. Linda felt pity for Amber at the thought of this.

"I think that you have a unique taste in women. How could you fall in love with a woman like Ms. Tang?"

The principal curled his lips and said, "She flirted with me first. I didn't mind hooking up with her if she wanted to."

"Okay. I will put your affair with her aside temporarily. We're good now since you agreed to dismiss her. Now, I'll leave you to your work."

After Linda handed the application to the principal, she left the office with Anna. Before she got out of the office, the principal told her, "My Lady, we have no bad blood against each other, so please don't reveal my relationship with Amber to others."

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