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   Chapter 425 Amber's Little Secret

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Bun had been away with Brian because it was their honeymoon. There were only a few people whom Linda could trust, but it wouldn't stop her from getting her revenge on her own.

"I'll leave Paul to stay with you. If you need anything, he can help you."

Paul had worked for Charles for so many years. Charles believed that Paul could help Linda with whatever she needed and protect her as well. Now that Bun was not around, Linda might need Paul's help to get her revenge. Charles understood that Linda wanted to plot out a plan and carry out the revenge on her own, but she still needed some help. Paul was the best man for this.

"Oh, right. My Lady, we have also found something quite interesting about Amber. Would you like to know what we have found?" Paul said with an unusual smile.

When she saw Paul's grin, Linda knew that Paul might have discovered something saucy about Amber. Amber's secrets might be so surprising that Paul couldn't wait to share what he had found.

"Tell me, " said Linda.

"Amber's husband has been cheating on her. You can't guess whom is the mistress is - Amber's best friend, Lilian, " said Paul, smiling.

Linda was shocked at their affair. It was shameless of Lilian to sleep with her best friend's husband. Was Lilian really Amber's best friend? How could she do something that would hurt Amber badly?

"Oh my god! Since when?"

"According to our investigation, they have been seeing each other in secret for quite a long while. It must have already been over a year."

"The news of their affair is juicy." Linda could not help but laugh.

This information was very useful. Linda could threaten Lilian with it to get more information about Amber. Lilian must be afraid of having her best friend find out about it. Linda thought that she could find something to destroy Amber with if she kept digging into her husband's affair.

"My Lady, there is another secret about her. Would you want to know?"

"Yes, go on. Don't keep me guessing and just get on with it, " Linda said with a smile.

Paul had been upset about the fact that Bun had chosen Brian over him, but it seemed that he was a bit over it by now. He was starting to laugh more. It was just a matter of time before he would move on. No one wanted to wait forever for someone didn't belong to him. Maybe someday Paul would come around and realize th

ll go with you. I just finished my breakfast before I went out, so I'm stuffed. Let's walk to his office. I really need some exercise."

Then, Anna and Linda walked to principal's office together. His office was in a separate building with the digital multimedia rooms. Very few students and teachers went there if they had no lessons.

The principal's office was located at the end of the hallway. Linda and Anna walked to the office while chatting and laughing.

Before they arrived at the door of the office, they heard a woman moaning.

The voice sounded a little familiar to Linda. She looked at Anna and found that Anna was looking at her with curiosity, too. There was also a smile on Anna's face.

Who was in the principal's office? They were having sex in daytime. Weren't they afraid that they would get caught? The woman in the office had a soft voice, which wasn't quite like Amber's.

Linda tried to listen more carefully, and then she was sure that it really was Amber's voice.

"You dick... When are you... going to help me get the... title of Senior Teacher?"

The woman was still moaning when she asked the question. Linda was blushing while listening. Amber seemed to be enjoying the moment.

Anna was about to speak, but Linda stopped her with a "hush". It was really quiet in the hallway. Very few people would go into this building unless they had computer courses. Few people would go to the principal's office at this time as well, so Linda took Anna's hand and they both walked to the door quietly. She wanted to hear them more clearly.

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