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   Chapter 424 Linda Wanted to Take Revenge Personally

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7298

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"Well, I'm fine, Ms. Tang. How have you been doing lately?" Linda didn't show any expression on her face. She was pretending to be the fake Linda.

"Just so-so. Nothing has changed in my life. Why did you come back to school?" asked Amber secretly when she saw that there was no one else around them.

"I came back to school to deal with an important thing, " said Linda in a cryptic manner.

"Has that person told you to carry out any new task? Could you help me ask if there is anything I can do for him? I'm kind of short on money lately..."

Amber whispered these words to Linda after she discreetly glanced around and leaned over.

"Well, yeah. Of course, there is something... In fact, this time, the reason why I came back has something to do with you..."

Linda nodded and continued, "How much did that person transfer to your account at that time? I was told to check the money with you. That person was worried that you didn't get enough money and you didn't dare talk about it. If you really received less money than what you should get, that person wants to give you more of it. Also, I have to tell you the next task..."

Linda just made up an excuse to ask Amber. She wanted to figure out who told Amber to do such sort of thing to her. She didn't believe that Amber would risk doing that thing if she didn't get any benefit from that person.

No matter how much Amber hated Linda, Linda was the Lady of the Mu clan, and it would take Amber some guts to offend her. Now that she dared risk everything to drug Linda, she must have received a lot of money from someone who gave the order.

Linda wasn't afraid that Amber would discover that she was the real Linda. Amber harmed her first and she had nothing to be sorry for. Linda could also see whether Amber knew that by observing the expressions on her face.

Amber thought that she had received enough money at that time. She wondered whether that person forgot about it or made a mistake.

Her face lit up at the thought of some extra money. She thought if that person forgot the amount of money he gave her, she could get another lump sum. She was short of money now. Some time ago, she spent all of

t was easy for the WSS to find out the people behind the matter. She knew that Robert would never do such sort of thing to her. He didn't have it in him to kidnap her and to kill her. She remembered when she was drugged and stayed in a room alone with Robert, Robert didn't do anything bad to her. She believed that Robert really liked her.

"It was Adam who did that. I suspected him before, and now that we have the evidence, it turns out that what I had guessed is correct."

Charles got a little bit angry. He sat on the sofa and pulled a long face.

Linda sat beside Charles, held his hand, and comforted him in a low voice, "Don't get upset. We should figure out everything first, and then we can punish Adam later. Amber should be our focus now. Do you remember that I have once asked Bun to investigate this woman? She doesn't come from a rich family, but she had an Audi. How did she get that Audi? I was taken away before I figured it out at that time. Now, we can investigate her and her background thoroughly. I will surely get back at her since she had once tried to harm me."

She didn't want Charles to help her punish Amber, but instead she was going to take revenge personally.

"Okay, honey. Do you want to punish her by yourself?" Since Charles had been with Linda for a long time, he knew Linda very well.

"Yes. You don't have to help me. I will punish her myself. I will surely let those who once harmed me pay the price."

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