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   Chapter 423 How Are You Doing

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Linda insisted that she was perfectly capable of protecting herself. Only then did Charles agree with her suggestion to have only two bodyguards to escort her to school on the condition that they would maintain distance from her and pose no disturbance to her school life.

Linda was finally at ease when Charles accepted her proposition.

She was then able to sit back and relax, letting Charles handle her reappointment at the school.

After spending two more days at home, she was informed by Charles that the matter had been settled, and she could get ready to return.

Her job as school was more like a guidance counselor who helped the students deal with the troublesome matters they had encountered in their daily lives. She would also be helping them ease the tensions deep down their hearts. All of her duties would be devoted to the all-round development of students, which would in turn pose a positive effect on their schoolwork.

In this sense, being a guidance counselor played an important role in the healthy development of students, especially those in high school who shouldered intense pressure brought about by the college entrance examination. As such, if all schools were equipped with professional and adept counselors to guide them in times of emotional stress, many tragic incidents would have been prevented from happening.

Nowadays, several news articles had reported students committing suicide due to insurmountable pressure in their lives and school works.

Charles sent Linda to the school on her first day back to the school.

Upon reaching the school gate, from a distance, they saw the president, the coordinator of student affairs, and so on, standing by the gate as if to welcome Linda's arrival at the school.

Or maybe, they were here to receive Charles. Linda didn't take such ostentation for granted. These people merely wanted to kiss Charles's ass.

She glanced at the crowd standing by the gate and found no trace of Amber.

One of her main purposes of coming back was to take her revenge on Amber.

She always figured it quite strange that she had collapsed and lost her consciousness for no particular reason during that abduction.

She guessed that Amber must have had something to do with her misfortune, and the cup of water she had given her was qu

t even make a complete sentence, yet Linda could tell what she had meant to ask. She was probably asking whether she was that fake Linda. It seemed that Amber had known more things than she had expected.

She even knew about the fake Linda.

Then, she must have played a part in what had already happened!

Somehow, Linda was in the mood to play with Amber like a cat playing with its prey to see if she could get some information from her.

"Yes, I am." Linda nodded her head with composure. She gazed at Amber's face all the while, in case she would miss something from her nonverbal expressions.

Amber didn't know everything. She had no idea what had happened ever since the fake Linda resigned from the school. The resignation procedure was processed by someone else, too. But it was Amber who had plotted to give Linda the hypnotics, so she could be substituted with a fake one in the hospital.

Amber was so sure that the real Linda wouldn't be able to make it here. Moreover, if it was the real one, how could she be so composed at seeing her again?

The real Linda would have been dead already, and a dead person could never speak.

Although she didn't know what had happened following her plot at the infirmary, she could tell that the real Linda was either confined for a lifetime or put to death once she had been taken away.

Otherwise, there wouldn't be a fake Linda to take her place.

Amber's dangling heart was relieved by this line of thought, so she greeted Linda back with a smile, "Hi, how are you doing?"

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