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   Chapter 422 Go Back to the School

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If Bun ran away, the Mu clan would be responsible for it...

Of course, Charles had nothing to worry about being Bun's guarantor because Bun was actually innocent and she wouldn't escape.

"But if that's the situation, the Shen clan may encounter some big trouble soon. If the ZY Detective Group continues to look deeper into Bun's case, they may find out more of the Shen clan's crimes, "

Linda said indifferently.

Sarah Shen wasn't kind to Linda, yet there wasn't any deep hatred between them. Unlike Amy, Sarah hadn't actually done anything to hurt Linda.

Maybe it was because Sarah was not smart enough, or maybe she wasn't as vicious as Amy was.

"Yes, I think so. As a family of police officers, the Shen clan's good fortune and power may come to an end very soon. We don't need to worry about them nor intervene in the investigation. We just have to wait for the results from the ZY Detective Group. Although, I am afraid that the Ho clan might offer help to the Shen clan. Brian and Sarah's marriage was their idea and responsibility, after all. The Ho clan might feel guilty for the Shen clan, " said Charles.

Sarah Shen and Brian Ho's engagement was broadcasted to the whole SH City, but their wedding was cancelled. Being broken off an engagement was already an embarrassing thing for an upperclass girl. What's worse was that Brian eventually got married to Bun, who was only a servant in Sarah's eyes. This event really disgraced and humiliated Sarah very much.

However, Sarah could blame nobody else other than herself. She was the one who insisted on marrying Brian. Forced love wouldn't last, and Brian didn't love Sarah at all. How could Sarah be happy if she was married to Brian? She would live like a widow if she had pushed through her marriage with Brain.

"Oh, right. Where's Bun? Has she come back yet?" Linda suddenly asked.

"No. Bun didn't come back to our villa. She is going on a wedding trip with Brian, " said Charles.

Linda nodded. After the wedding ceremony, Bun should have gone to the Ho clan's house with Brian, but Lord Ho hadn't accepted Bun y

l work or do something to keep herself busy.

"No way. You have to stay at home, " Charles refused bluntly.

Linda was only pregnant for five months, but her belly seemed like it was eight months. With that, Charles wouldn't be assured to let Linda work outside.

"Honey, please, " Linda pleaded as she pouted her lips and held Charles's arm. She was so bored staying at home. She thought it was more meaningful to stay in the school and help students by being a guidance counselor.

In the end, Charles surrendered to Linda's insistence. Although reluctant, he had to concede and agree with her. Bun was not by Linda's side now, so Charles was very worried about her safety.

"Okay, since you insist on going to the school, I will arrange for a few bodyguards to protect you. Bun is not here, so I can't let you go there alone all by yourself, " said Charles.

Bun and Brian were on their honeymoon, so Linda's safety was a big issue at the moment.

Linda understood Charles's worries and agreed, "Okay. Please arrange for some bodyguards for me." Back then, Linda wouldn't agree with Charles's idea of having some bodyguards follow her to the school. But she had to agree now because of all the dangerous incidents that had happened to her. She was already Charles's wife, so people would always try to hurt her.

The only thing Linda could do now was to protect herself and her baby.

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