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   Chapter 421 The Whole Story

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Linda only said those words to kid around with Charles. She felt happy that he actually cared about and was considerate of her feelings.

"I was just joking."

"Honey, trust me. I will love our baby whether it is a boy or a girl. If our child is a boy, we can strictly raise him and make him into a strong-minded, hard-working man; if it is a girl, we can treat her like a little princess and make her happy everyday."

"If we have a son, we should be strict with him, but we shouldn't be too strict with him and let him live a hard life, right?"

Somehow, they began to discuss how they wanted to raise their baby. They wondered whether they should raise their child strictly or dote on it.

In fact, they could have the baby's gender checked in the hospital, but both Charles and Linda didn't want to do that. For them, their baby was going to be a surprise blessing from god. They would be happy to have the baby no matter it was a boy or a girl.

They would regard the baby as the best present from god as long as the birth was successful and the baby would come out healthy.

After all, the baby's gender was already fixed; it wasn't up to them. They wanted to wait until the baby was born. They wanted to be surprised about the gender when the baby would be born.

"Have you come up with a name for our baby?" Lying on the bed, Linda casually chatted with Charles.

"I haven't. You are only five months pregnant. There's no need to hurry. We can choose a name for our baby after a few more months."

Linda nodded and said, "Okay. We can discuss it with mother and father. We don't have to decide on the name ourselves. After all, it is an important matter to give the baby a name."

After Linda's baby would be born, not only Linda and Charles would love and dote on it, but so would Richard, Johnson, and James. Since this was the case, the couple had to talk about the baby's name with Richard, Johnson and James. Otherwise, three of them would be unhappy.

"What you just said makes sense."

Suddenly, Linda's mind wandered to a different topic. She thought o

ted by the ZY Detective Group and that she could not be able to prove her father's and her own innocence if he doesn't cooperate, he finally agreed to help us."

Charles patiently explained the whole story to Michael, and after Michael agreed with him, they drove to the ZY Detective Group in SH City that very night.

Michael concealed his identity and carefully hid his own whereabouts all these years because he had evidence. He indeed happened to know about how Shawn, Sarah's father, revealed the secret. The conversation had also been recorded at that time.

After the leak happened, Michael left Shawn. He couldn't tolerate Shawn's behaviour and his own guilty conscience, but he didn't dare meddle in the issue at hand. Later, he heard that Shawn had become so detestable, to the point where he framed Benson for that matter. He couldn't stand Shawn anymore.

Although Michael agreed to help them, it still wasn't enough to help Bun get rid of the suspicion because now they could only suspect that the Shen clan revealed the secrets, but they didn't have the conclusive evidence. The military court would still be the one to determine whether Bun would be convicted of a crime or not.

The ZY Detective Group considered the fact that Bun was about to get married, so they released her. Of course, the Mu clan guaranteed that Bun would not escape during this period of time.

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