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   Chapter 420 Have Some Moments of Peace

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7600

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Lisa entered Adam's bedroom and turned on the lights. For the first time, she could finally stand in his bedroom under the bright light rather than in the dark. Adam had never turned on his lights whenever he was alone in his bedroom. He was used to living in the dark, as if it was the right habitat to match his disgusting, dirty, and evil personality.

Under the light, Lisa scanned around his bedroom and started to rummage all of the drawers to search for the things she was looking for. She wasn't worried that Robert would wake up all of a sudden because she had put enough sleeping pills in his glass of water, enough to make him sleep until at least five o'clock in the morning.

Lisa found all kinds of sex toys and adult products in Adam's bedroom. A wave of nausea swept over her. She felt revolted upon seeing all these things. Lisa wondered why Adam was such a disgusting man. It was so hard for other people to believe this despicable side of Adam, his true self, because they only judged from his innocent appearance.

Lisa also found out that Adam had collected a lot of other eccentric objects.

Much to her disappointment, Lisa couldn't find the videos that Adam had taken, even after having turned all his drawers and boxes upside down. Frustrated, Lisa pondered where on earth Adam had hidden these videos. Lisa suddenly panicked. Although Adam was dead and his dismembered body was thrown away in a remote forest, she was still worried about the possibility of the videos being discovered and exposed by someone else. Before Lisa accepted the plastic surgery and looked the same as Linda, Adam had also shot many sex videos of her at that time.

If those videos were exposed to the public, Lisa would never be able to return to her original self any more.

Adam's bedroom was now in a total mess, but there was still not even the slightest bit of a clue on where the videos were. Lisa thought to herself and sulked, 'Adam Huo! That scumbag! Why was he so cautious about things? Why had he taken those photos and videos of me? My life would be ruined if they are exposed!'

Lisa had no choice but to go back to Robert's bedroom now. She needed to sleep for a while, and in the morning, they would fly to Maldives. She would stay there with her b

At about three o'clock in the morning, Charles finally came back. It was their wedding, so he had a lot of things to deal with, including keeping a lot of important guests company and sending them off after the ceremony. Charles entered the bedroom and saw Linda sleeping on the bed. He looked at her beautiful and attractive face, while his eyes glimmered with love. He slightly touched her swollen belly. Their baby was inside it.

Charles quickly took a shower and quietly lay down by Linda's side. He held her into his arms, his chest clinging to her back, and smelled her fragrant scent, as he slowly fell asleep.

Early in the morning, Linda woke up. She smelled of a familiar scent, which she was well-aware of.

She turned around and casually held on to Charles's waist, and then she moved slightly toward his chest.

Charles woke up, too. He looked at his wife and asked, "Honey, are you already up?"

"Yes, I have had a good sleep, " Linda said as she stretched herself.

Charles felt pleased to see his wife stretching herself like a lazy and cute cat. He clung to Linda and rested his chin on her forehead, asking, "You are going to give birth to our baby four months later. Do you think it's a boy or a girl?"

Linda raised her head and asked, "Does it matter whether it's a boy or a girl? Do you..."

Charles realized that Linda had misunderstood what he had meant, so he immediately explained, "No, Honey. You have misunderstood. I don't mean to say that I prefer sons to daughters..."

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