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   Chapter 419 Killing

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6193

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Lisa cut through Adam's face with a knife. The blood immediately streamed down from the wound on his face. The air was filled with the smell of fresh blood. Lisa was thrilled.

"Adam, did you ever think that you would end up in my hands? When you were torturing me, forcing me to pretend to be someone else, you never thought that I would get my revenge someday, did you? Do you still remember what you have done to me?"

Said Lisa, cutting through his face again with the knife, brutally.

Adam felt like his face was burning with agony. Feeling the sharp pain, Adam shouted, "Lisa Xia, are you crazy? Let go of me! If my brother finds out about this, he will never forget you!"

"I don't need your brother's forgiveness because you will be dead today, and your brother will never know. Now...

Does it hurt?" Lisa said with a smile.

Adam didn't say another word as the pain was unbearable for him. He was sweating profusely.

"You are a psycho!"

"I am a psycho? How about you?"

"I understand that you're mad at me right now. But killing me doesn't help. If you dare kill me, I guarantee that those videos would be posted on the Internet at once."

"So what? Even if you post all of the videos on the Internet, it's not my reputation that would be ruined. It's Linda's. Plus, I will be long gone by then. I will go abroad with your brother and leave all these mess behind us. Your brother wouldn't pay attention to the news in another country as long as I am with him. Stop trying. You can't change anything now. You must die today!"

Adam never knew how Lisa managed to abduct him and bring him to an abandoned warehouse, let alone why Lisa wanted to kill him. Now, he would never have the chance to find it out. His body would be buried for a long time. He would be gone, like dust in the wind. Adam never thought that it would be

ic surgery done during the time. When you come back and arrive at the airport, you must call me. I will show up, looking like Adam, and pick you up. Then, we will both become members of the Huo clan, forever."

After Lisa and Vincent plotted out the plan in detail, Vincent asked one of his men to send Lisa back to the house of the Huo clan.

Lisa had to get up early and fly to Maldives with Robert tomorrow morning, so she wanted to get some rest when she got home.

But before Lisa went to bed, she decided to go to Adam's room to do a search first.

Lisa had never wanted to set foot in Adam's room before. In fact, she had been terrified every time she walked in. But now that Adam was dead, she could do whatever she wanted. She became excited when she realized that she had the chance to look for the indecent videos and photos taken by Adam that he had been using to control her.

Lisa was not sure if she could find what she wanted in Adam's room. Adam might have hidden them in the small black house wherein he had locked her up. Lisa still remembered the address, but she didn't have time to go over there now. She would just have to save it for another day. Her top priority was to search Adam's room thoroughly.

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