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   Chapter 418 I Want Your Life

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5936

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In a wasted wharf somewhere in the south of the city, a warehouse smelled mouldy and stinky, probably because no one had visited it for a long time.

Adam's head ached, and he was in a daze. Shouldn't he be in the hospital? Why did he fall asleep all of a sudden? Adam's head was spinning.

What was going on? He opened his eyes, only to see Linda smiling at him. He was startled.

No, it was not Linda, but Lisa.

He moved a little, but he found that he was tied to a chair.

From head to toe, he was tightly wrapped with a rope, even his mouth was covered with tape. Noticing that he woke up, Lisa removed the tape over his mouth.

"Lisa, your guts have gotten bigger, " said Adam. After he calmed down, Adam gradually realized that he was kidnapped.

"That's right. I finally grew some balls, so what?" replied Lisa. Lisa grabbed a chair and sat in front of Adam. Looking at him tied down, she felt exhilarated. Once, she was also tied by Adam to a chair, while he did something awful to insult her.

Seeing Lisa's face, Adam was furious. Who gave her the guts to conduct this kidnapping?

"Lisa, what exactly do you want?" Adam asked, looking at her.

It seemed that he had pushed Lisa too hard, and Lisa was desperate. Now that he was in Lisa's hand, whatever condition Lisa would ask for, he would pretend to say yes for the time being and find an opportunity to get back at her later.

"I don't want anything!" replied Lisa.

Now, Adam felt like a rat trapped in a cage because he could be easily played or tormented by Lisa at any time.

After she would grow tired of him, she could take his life and shut his mouth, to make up for the humiliations he had given her in the past.

How could she abduct him for nothing!

Adam did not believe her

, Robert would definitely notice and investigate it. If he found out that Lisa was behind it, he would not be with her. Lisa wouldn't be so stupid to ruin herself by her own doing.

"You can't kill me. If you do, my brother will look into it until he finds the truth. If he discovers that it was you who did it, you two can't be together. You love my brother, right?" said Adam. Adam was getting a little nervous by now. He saw from Lisa's eyes how much she wanted to kill him.

"Really? I can't kill you?" taunted Lisa. She took out a fruit knife from her back, put it close to Adam's head and cheek, and said, "Let's try it out and see if I can kill you or not.

Besides, if I kill you, your brother may not know about it. As you can see, I have the same face as Linda, and he never found out that I'm a fake. Am I right?"

Upon hearing this, Adam suddenly understood. Her plan was to kill him and replace him with someone else.

This was cruel. What Adam did to Lisa was now biting himself back. Karma was a bitch. It had never occurred to him that one day he would suffer the same treatment he had done to others and that someone would replace him to live in the world.

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