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   Chapter 417 Meet Vincent Again

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Lisa thought that even if Adam died, it would not help relieve the pain he had inflicted on her.

"Lisa, don't be so anxious. We are so unlucky to have experienced a lot of things. We must live longer than others and let those people, who want us to die, die first." May patted Lisa on the shoulder.

Lisa gave May a determined look and nodded. "Okay."

"Now go and finish this. This is Vincent's phone number. Before you figure out a way to get me out of here, don't come here to visit me again. I'm afraid that your behaviour will arouse others' suspicion if you come here so often. I guess that you were allowed inside because you looked like Linda and pretended to be her, right?"

When Vincent visited May before, he had tried every means to sneak into the jail. Lisa could only get into this place so easily because she had the same face as Linda's and other people regarded her as Linda.

Lisa was a bit shocked. What her mother guessed was right. When she came here to look for May, she was very anxious. She hadn't seen her mother for a long time, and she came up with an idea that she could get into the prison and see May by taking advantage of her face. She didn't think about it too much. Now, she began to realize that she was too reckless.

"What should I do then?" Lisa got a bit upset.

"It doesn't matter. You should keep calm. They will not discover this in a short time. They will not come to jail if there is nothing happening. Your father... sorry, Johnson hasn't come to visit me for a long time. They might have forgotten about me, so, Lisa, don't worry. You can go do what you want to do bravely, "

Comforted May.

Lisa felt relieved and nodded.

"You should go now to look for Vincent."

After she finished talking with May, Lisa left. She went out of the jail, took out her phone, and dialed the number that May gave her. Perhaps... May had been keeping this phone number for a long time.

Lisa quickly got through to the number, and then she heard a familiar voice on the other side of the line. She suddenly cried. The person who was on the phone with her was someone familiar to her. She still remembered the good old days when Vincent treated her as his sister and played with h

alternative but to do that.

Later, Lisa told Vincent about her plan. At the beginning, Vincent hesitated at the plan. He wasn't sure whether he could handle the situation after undergoing cosmetic surgery to look like another person. But, he knew that it was the best way to get back at Adam. And if they didn't want the police to investigate into the case after they secretly killed Adam, The best way was to find a man to substitute for Adam and continue living his life.

In this way, they could also take the Huo clan's property to make up for the loss that they suffered when they were driven out of the Xia clan before.

Vincent gritted his teeth and agreed. For Adam's safety, Robert had transferred his younger brother back to the private hospital of the Huo clan, where he could receive better care and treatment. Vincent and Lisa arrived at the Huo clan's private hospital after half an hour.

After staying with Robert for some time, Lisa became very familiar with the hospital. Vincent asked his men to destroy the CCTV system before going into the ward. Adam had already been drugged by that nurse. He soon fell asleep after the nurse injected drugs in his IV bag. He wondered why he fell asleep so quickly that night. He even thought it was because he became tired after pretending to be ill the whole day.

Vincent sent two people to bring him out of the hospital roughly. After all, they didn't have to worry about what would happen next for the time being.

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