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   Chapter 416 I Want Adam Dead Literally!

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6822

Updated: 2018-11-15 00:13

The sleeping pills that she got from her mother May would put one sound asleep for around five hours. May had suffered from insomnia ever since she was imprisoned. She could only sleep with the help of pills.

Lisa dialed a number when she headed out.

"How's it going?"

"Almost done."

"Okay, I'll transfer the remaining fifty thousand to your account. Be sure to keep what happened tonight only to yourself. Otherwise, you would be digging your own grave."

The nurse sounded nervous on the phone, and she told Lisa in a trembling voice, "I'm on duty tonight. Are you sure you have gotten rid of all the traces? I don't want to risk my job, the main source of my livelihood, for your money, even if it is a pretty handsome amount."

"What's wrong with it? It's a good bargain, don't you think? How many years do you have to labor in the hospital to get one hundred thousand? Be grateful that you got such a generous offer just by injecting anesthetics into a patient."

"Yeah, that's true… But I don't want to get involved in this matter after tonight."

"Sure. But just wait for a little while longer. I'll send someone over to take him away."

Upon hanging up the phone, Lisa went straight to the prison in a hurry.

She needed to see May beforehand. Luckily, the visiting hours in the prison was until 10 PM. She could make it because it was only a few minutes past 9 PM.

The nurse she called a moment earlier was working at the hospital Adam stayed in. She was earning a monthly salary of six thousand, but she was a person who was drowning in her own vanity and materialism. She would buy bags worth hundreds of thousands. Therefore, she was heavily in debt.

Lisa had picked that nurse because she knew that the nurse would be desperate in need of money. Lisa had received a considerable amount of money during her stay with Robert. Combined with the money she had taken from May, she could be able to pay off the nurse.

One hundred thousand was a small amount for the previous Lisa. She could get that amount

ope before everything happened. Was Adam lying to her when he said he loved everything about her, especially her coquetry?

May had come around to this matter after such a long time in prison.

Adam and May had a wide age gap. He was just a psycho who loved her charming appearance at her age, instead of her very self.

Johnson used to treat May very well, so May had never thought of leaving him. She just wanted to keep this affair and satisfy herself with Adam. She couldn't help being horny as a middle-aged woman. Only Adam could satiate her in sex, so May got lost in that crazy relationship. But now it seemed meaningless. She came to realized that her dear daughter was the only thing that mattered to her.

As for Lisa's miscarriage, May made no inquiries of it. She knew that Lisa didn't want that child, either. What was the point of having a baby and not knowing the father of her child? It was just the way it should be. If that child were to be born in this world, it would gain nothing except grief and sorrow.

"All right, let's do it. I will follow your decision, and I want Adam dead, literally."

Lisa thought for a while. She was sure that her anger could only be quenched by Adam's death. But she wouldn't let him die so easily. She wanted him to suffer the exact same way she was tortured by him. He was such a psychotic man!

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