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   Chapter 414 Keep Herself Away from Adam

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 7888

Updated: 2018-11-14 00:18

"I understand what you mean. Okay… Since he treats you so badly, let's kill him!" said May.

"Mother, do you have any idea how to kill a person in a way that it would look like an accident, or it would not be easily discovered by others? I don't want to be suspected by Robert, " asked Lisa.

They went back to the cell from the toilet and started to discuss the plan. May thought for a moment and said, "I don't know of any ways to let a person disappear from the world undetected. We have a very perfect census registration system in this country. It's impossible to keep it a secret for a long time, unless we can have another person who has the same face as him to replace him."

May continued, "Adam had forced you to have plastic surgery, making you look like Linda, so we can find a way to kill Adam first, and then we can look for another man to have plastic surgery, too, to make him look exactly the same as Adam. You can go abroad with Robert, leaving the fake Adam here to take possession of the Huo clan's assets. Adam has treated you like that, so I must let him pay the double price of what he has done!"

Lisa's eyes glimmered with excitement as she heard her mother's plan. It sounded pretty good. She could be able to do unto Adam for what he had done to her, and let him have a taste of his own medicine!

Lisa didn't stay long in May's cell. She left the prison after the discussion of the first step of their plan. She had promised to come and visit May again later.

May had already taught Lisa a method on how to have someone kill Adam.

Lisa had heard from other people that Adam wasn't in good health ever since his birth. If she had someone kill Adam and find a person to have a plastic surgery to become the fake Adam, she could go travel abroad with Robert. She would give a certain amount of money to the fake Adam and ask him to manage the Huo clan's assets.

In this way, all of the Huo clan's property would be actually under Lisa's control.

This scheme was what Adam deserved. But Lisa loved Robert, so she decided that she would return some properties of the Huo clan to Robert one way or another. However, Robert would lose his younger brother forever. Lisa felt a little guilty about it, but she had to do that. She wouldn't let Adam stand in her way of pursuing her own happiness. She had no other choice. It w

talk about her trip abroad with him. Lisa intended to find an excuse to talk Robert into going out of the country with her right away.

Robert then told Lisa where he was.

"Okay, I am coming now."

After she ended the call, Lisa hurried to the hospital to meet Robert. If she could, she really wanted to take Robert away from this place tonight. When they came back from their trip, Adam would've already disappeared from the world.

When Lisa arrived at the hospital, Robert immediately came out to see her. He felt quite warm in his heart as he slowly went closer to Lisa. For Robert, he saw Linda quietly standing there, waiting for him. It was such a beautiful and loving scene.

"Robert, have you had dinner, yet?" As soon as Robert came up to her, Lisa asked worriedly.

Having heard her question, Robert then realized that he hadn't eaten anything yet, as he was taking care of his younger brother the whole afternoon. He shook his head and said, "Not yet. I forgot to."

"I haven't had dinner, either. Let's go and eat something together, " said Lisa.

Robert became anxious as he heard her words. 'Linda hasn't eaten anything yet? I can't let her stay hungry, ' thought Robert.

Instantly, he held Lisa's hands and took her to a restaurant nearby.

After dinner, Lisa sat next to Robert, held his hands, and said with her lips pouted, "Robert, I have been tired these days. I don't want to stay here anymore. Can you go abroad with me for a while, to relax ourselves?"

Robert was surprised at her words. He put on a baffled look on his face.

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