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   Chapter 413 A Dead Man Can't Talk

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Lisa wanted to keep it a secret from her mother, but her body couldn't resist the drug addiction withdrawal when it attacked again. She suddenly felt dizzy, and her eyes blurred. Her whole body began to have a slight convulsion. She was well aware that these were the symptoms of her need for drugs.

Lisa shook her head heavily to sober up, but it didn't work. Her consciousness was drifting away. The pain inside her body was becoming stronger, tormenting her so much. She wondered what she should do now.

"My dear, are you okay? Are you feeling sick?" May Shen asked worriedly when she noticed the unusual look on Lisa's face.

"No, no, I'm okay. Nothing serious, Mother. I have a little stomachache. I need to go to the toilet now. I will come back to talk to you later. Just wait for me here!" said Lisa.

Fortunately for Lisa, she had already taken a dose of drug with her before she went there.

As long as she could go to the toilet and have the injection again, she would be fine.

"Are you sure that you are all right? Your face is so pale, " May asked her again with concern. She didn't think that a simple stomachache could make her daughter's face look as pale as this. Moreover, May noticed that Lisa was slightly trembling.

It seemed as if she was suffering from an epileptic attack.

A sudden thought came across May's mind. 'Adam Huo, that scumbag! Has he injected any drugs on Lisa?'

May had seen some drugs at Adam's place before. She also knew that Adam had been engaged in the drug dealing business. He was a drug trafficker.

With that on her mind, May got worried, and she silently followed Lisa to the toilet. As soon as Lisa reached the toilet, she couldn't bear it any more and took out an empty syringe and a bottle of drug.

When she saw what was happening in front of her, May couldn't help but burst into tears. She was right. Lisa was indeed addicted to drugs. What's worse was that she was taking drugs through an injection, which would cause severe harm to her body. It was purified heroin. Once she absorbed the highly addictive heroin into her body, it would be difficult for her to get rid of it. Adam was so cruel-hearted to her daughter!

The injection of drug might also cause a lot of other diseases to Lisa.

May woul

lamed all her misfortune on Linda. She always assumed that Linda deliberately hurt her and took possession of everything in her life, which was why she was in such a bad situation now.

But May thought her revenge on Linda was less urgent at the moment. It was more important for her to root out Adam. Sometimes, when May was alone in her jail cell, she would recall the exciting and tense days when she had an affair with Adam. She had actually missed him.

Those days, as a middle-aged woman, May had a strong desire for sex. But Johnson Xia wasn't able to satisfy her desire, and Adam came into her life by coincidence. Adam could satisfy her in every aspect. He could easily trigger her thrill with the help of all kinds of sex products. May completely fell for Adam and was willing to be his mistress. She was even willing to address him as "Master", but of course, she only said it in bed for the purpose of spicing things up and increasing the excitement between them.

Johnson Xia was a very traditional man, so he had sex with her in a very conservative way.

May never felt excited to do it with Johnson. If a woman had an affair with another man, it probably was either for the reason that her husband couldn't satisfy her desire, or for the reason that her husband treated her badly. Johnson had always treated May very well, so obviously, May had an affair because of her dissatisfied lust.

"Mother, only a dead man can't talk, " Lisa said as she looked at May with a determined look in her eyes.

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