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   Chapter 411 Visiting May Shen in Prison

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6705

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Ada Bai had survived from the jaws of death for many times, yet today she was caught by Charles.

Or rather, she was trapped by Linda.

An underling of Ada didn't want to cave in to the fact that they were captured, so she shouted, "Is this how the noble Young Master of the Mu clan acts? You have given your word to let us go, but you have broken your promise."

Charles found the accusation quite ridiculous. A moment ago, they were planning to abduct Linda, but now, they were questioning his decency to fulfill what he had promised.

But he didn't have to explain to them because

Ada stopped her right away. "Adal Bai, shut up, and save your breath."

Then, Ada and her underlings were taken away. Just now, Ada had called one by the name of Adal Bai. Their names were so alike, and they even shared a same surname, so they must have been related to each other. Perhaps they were siblings!

This unexpected incident had finally come to a conclusion. Charles and the others were finally relieved.

Just as the clock was about to strike 6:18 PM, Charles heard a sudden gunshot from the dressing room, which freaked him out. He was very much worried that Linda was the one who got assaulted. Luckily, she wasn't hurt. Or else, he would have suffered an emotional breakdown.

He could no longer take the pain of losing her again.

"Honey, your safety matters the most. Now that we're done with this whole mess, let's go to the venue. The wedding is about to start."

"Okay, are the guests all right? It's already past 6:18 PM, which was supposed to be the perfect time to hold the wedding. Shall we continue to do this?"

"Yes, we will. It's all right. I have hired two planners for the wedding. The staff of the first planner turned out to be problematic, hence the situation you were in, but I have had them all under control now. Now, we will use the second one. I have postponed the wedding to 6:38 PM. It's going to be all right."

"Okay, that's good to hear!" Linda could rest as

ce was so terrible! Although it was clean, no windows were inside the cell.

Lisa looked around the room. She figured that there was no air-conditioning unit, either. How would her mother make it through those cold winters and hot summers?

The cell was too simple, equipped with only a single bed and a quilt. There was no table for her toiletries; they could only be placed beside the sink.

Yet being in solitary was a good thing in the prison. If it hadn't been for the words of some anonymous person, her mother wouldn't have been able to receive such preferential treatment.

May was doing her needlework. Everyone in the prison had to work to improve themselves for more than five hours each day.

May did her bit of work every afternoon.

"No. 3718, there is a person of rank who has come here to see you. Go to your cell quickly. You don't have to work this afternoon."

'A person of rank? Is it Johnson Xia?'

He had come over here once, but he hadn't shown up since then. He had told her that he would get her out. But now, he might have already forgotten her, or perhaps Linda had stopped him from doing so.

May was angry at this, but there was nothing she could do. It was she who had cheated on Johnson in the first place. The children she bore were the offsprings of the housekeeper, instead of Johnson.

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