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   Chapter 410 One Has to Pay the Price of Hurting the Love of Charles!

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6624

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"Is that so? It is me who had an eye on him, not the other way around."

Ada, alone by herself, knew clearly that she was trapped in a disadvantageous position, And her negligence was all to blame for it.

All of a sudden, the one standing behind Linda began to talk, "Let go of us, or else I'll shoot her."

Linda was clear that the current situation was far from being rosy. Two guns were pointed at her and Anna both on the head. Although Bun had pointed at Ada with a gun, she wouldn't dare risk Anna and Linda's life and pull the trigger. It was a bad bargain to trade two lives with that of Ada's.

At that moment, someone knocked violently on the door of the dressing room. It was obvious that Charles had realized by the gunshot that something was wrong inside the room.

"You'd better let go of us quickly." The companion of Ada's was feeling anxious.

Ada's face was pale with pain, and sweat was running down from her cheeks. Judging from the circumstance, her leg was probably busted. She looked up at Linda and told her, "I've made a mistake due to my carelessness. Please let us get out of here. I will trade my life with yours and hers. It's a good bargain. What do you say?"

Linda thought for a while and then nodded her head in agreement. She said, "Okay."

She had no other choice.

Linda knew that life mattered the most. It wouldn't change anything even if she had caught Ada by force.

What if Ada's two underlings were to make desperate moves such as killing Linda and Anna once Charles would hold Ada captive? Anything could be possible only when one was alive.

Linda was a smart person when it came to deciding things like those.

Within three seconds, Charles, Paul, and Brian broke the door and rushed into the room from the outside.


"Bun, My Lady!"


Terrible things had indeed happened inside the dressing room.

Noticing that Linda was threatened by a gun, Charles was consumed by wrath. His handsome f

could have taken Linda away and handed her to the employer, so they were not to blame for this outcome.

Feeling a push on their backs, Linda and Anna were released.

Charles strode over in a flash and held Linda into his arms. Linda was then surrounded by his warm hug.

A moment earlier, he had felt the risk of losing the love of his life again.

"Honey, are you all right? Did they hurt you?"

"No, I'm fine." Linda shook her head and gave him a smile.

"That's good to hear."

Paul walked over and pulled Anna back.

"Bun!" Charles yelled at her with a serious face.

Bun squinted one of her eyes.

Bang! Bang!

Two loud bangs wafted through the air. With that, Bun had fired two bullets.

Two sonorous cries burst out from the other side. The two bullets had knocked down the guns in the hands of Ada's underlings. Bun was truly a sharpshooter. She didn't want to kill them. The bullets were shot into their wrists.

They could no longer hold a gun to fight against them.

"You have broken your promise!" The underlings of Ada said angrily.

"Promise? Why do I have to keep my promise? Take them away!" Charles gave his order.

Ada shook her head in despair. She should have seen this coming. She had to pay the price of hurting the love of Charles's life. She was being too greedy.

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