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   Chapter 409 He Hasn't Fallen For Anyone But You

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Although Ada didn't want to offend Charles, the mastermind behind this kidnapping had offered them a ridiculously high price for doing this job. The mastermind said that he had half of a company's shares. If they accomplished this mission, they could get his shares as the payment.

Ada had seen the company's market value on a document. It was worth 20 million.

It was a great temptation for Ada. They were one of the best assassins in the country. The price for kidnapping an ordinary people was worth a hundred thousand, and the price for big shots would be millions, no less. To be offered twenty million for a kidnapping stint was very rare.

The mastermind behind this had showed his seriousness by giving them ten million worth of shares first.

It was now 6:16 PM. The person Ada was waiting for still hadn't showed up.

She took a deep breath. She decided to wait until 6:17 PM. If no one would show up at 6:17 PM, they would have to take Linda away with them. Then, they would hand Linda over to the mastermind. They planned to collect the rest of the payment after they would bring Linda to the mastermind.

Even though the woman who was supposed to take Linda's place would not show up, it shouldn't be their fault as they had nothing to do with that. It should be the mastermind's own responsibility. When they finished carrying out the kidnapping would be the mark of their accomplished mission.

Ada had planned to go abroad for a month with her companions right after this kidnapping mission. They would have some fun first after receiving the payment. Then, they might return to see how things were going.

It should be easy for Charles to conduct a thorough investigation on them.

They intended to have some fun, but they also wanted to hide from Charles. They really needed to go abroad after this kidnapping.

As Linda saw that Ada kept looking at her watch in the last few minutes, she was sure that Ada would take her away before 6:18 PM. It seemed that Ada was waiting for someone. If Linda and Bun wanted to save themselves, they had to take action before 6:18 PM, or they would be taken somewhere else. Then, it wouldn't be easy for them to escape.

Linda thought of her experience when she was kidnapped by Amy.

She was sti

out plan B.

Ada wasn't obsessed about killing, but she would kill others to accomplish a mission or when she was in danger.

She had killed hundreds of people.

Ada's companions tried to shoot Bun right after they got the order from Ada, But it was too late. Bun didn't give them any chances. The woman standing behind Bun was about to pull the trigger, but Bun punched the woman's stomach first with her left elbow. Bun hit her so hard that the woman fell down immediately.

Even though the woman had pulled the trigger eventually, the bullet flew to the ceiling. Luckily, the woman failed to shoot at Bun. If she did, Bun might get hurt badly, and they would not have any chance to escape.

Bun turned around, rushed forward, and kicked hard at the man who was standing a few meters away. Then, she grasped the man's arm with one hand and hit his elbow with another hand. The man felt the pain, causing him to drop the gun on the ground. Bun seized the chance and picked up his gun. Then, she pointed it at Ada's head.

Bun looked at Ada with a serious look, "Let go of Lady Linda!"

Ada looked at Bun, thinking about what had happened just now. She was too careless. Linda and Bun had gotten the chance to fight back. She never thought that the dragon ring was also a weapon and that it could fire a bullet-like marble.

Ada suffered from the pain in her leg, but she managed to put on a smile on her face and said, "Lady Linda, I now know why Young Mater Mu hasn't fallen for anyone but you."

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