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   Chapter 408 Self Protection

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Bun dared not make any moves with a gun pointing at her head, even though she was worried to death about Linda who now had a baby in her womb, which had only escalated Bun's worry.

Anna felt somewhat guilty.

She had startled the evildoer by her rash decision. She wanted to have the cup tested and to tell Charles about her findings when she had found out that the glass of water seemed rather dubious. It had small, white precipitates at the bottom. Normally, purified mineral water didn't produce such precipitates. It hadn't occurred to her that the person who wanted to poison Linda was inside the room, not to mention Linda's stylists.

It was indeed a long-conspired plot.

There were still doubts in their minds. When did the stylists, or more precisely the assassins, get in?

"If you dare hurt Lady Linda, Young Master Mu would let you pay the price for it, " Bun threatened the assassins.

But such warning was a joke in Ada's eyes. She just gave a faint smile and told Bun, "My dear, do you think your threat would work on me? If it did, I wouldn't have been here in the first place. Sorry girls, I can only say that I am only doing what I was paid to do."

"Who paid you? Who sent you here?" Unwilling to accept the current situation, Bun questioned her continuously.

Ada's ability to lurk around Linda for such a long time without getting caught had proved the shrewdness of the team behind her. Bun couldn't get anything from Ada at the moment because she was too clever!

Linda stretched out one of her hands and pulled Bun, who was next to her. Her petty movement was not caught by Ada.

Bun excelled at fighting with her bare hands, but she needed to be careful because she was fighting against a gun this time.

"What do you want? Just spit it out. Let me know the reason of my death!" Linda's face was void of any fear. Instead, it registered a warm smile which Ada found quite st


"If my memory serves me well, your name is Ada, right? It's a good name. I think it's quite pleasant to the ears." Linda tried to initiate a conversation with Ada.

"Do you think so? I think it is just okay." Ada glanced at Linda and did not speak again.

She was actually on her nerves right now. She was waiting for Lisa, or else she would have been gone by now.

Her employer had told her that another woman with the identical face as Linda's would be sent over there to substitute Linda, which would help save an uproar on the wedding.

In the beginning, Ada intended to put some hypnotics in the water, so she could take Linda away quietly while she was put in a coma. This way, she would not alert the people around Linda.

But now her plan had come to light. She was exposed before she could even start.

Ada didn't want to take this deal at the start, for they would be acting against the Young Master of the Mu clan once they had taken it.

And Charles was such a capable man!

As the eldest grandson of the Mu clan, he controlled the politics and economy of the whole city. Those who offended him would have been chased to the ends of the earth. The team behind Ada was cautious in taking orders. They wouldn't risk their lives for the business.

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