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   Chapter 407 A Tempest at the Wedding (Part Two)

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Linda and Bun were chatting happily. They were talking about things in their past, amusing anecdotes, and what kind of clothes Linda's baby should wear after it was born. Linda felt at ease at this moment. Today was her wedding day. She didn't want to think about other matters. She just wanted to enjoy herself at this particular moment.

After a while, Anna came in.

The wedding ceremony started at 6:18 PM, which was an auspicious moment according to the Chinese almanac. Since Linda was pregnant, she would easily get hungry. She usually had her dinner at around half past five. Now, it was almost a quarter to six. Linda was really starving.

When Linda saw the box in Anna's hand, she felt even hungrier. She could almost feel her mouth watering.

"My Lady, you must be hungry. I've brought you something to eat. You're pregnant now, so you should eat on time, " said Anna.

Linda and Bun might not get the chance to eat dinner after the beginning of the ceremony. They needed to go through the whole ceremony process. They wouldn't have time to eat anything before 8 or 9 PM, so Anna brought them something to eat first.

"You're the best!" said Linda.

"Your wedding is important, as well as your baby." Anna covered her mouth as she tried to stifle her giggles. She opened the box and put it in front of Linda.

Linda hurried to eat her dinner. The ceremony would start in less than thirty minutes. Her lipstick was smudged because she ate so fast. She needed to fix her makeup after she finished eating. A?beautiful?bride?should have?put on?a perfectly delicate makeup.

Linda was wearing a traditional wedding dress, a cheongsam, with a matching phoenix coronet. Her lipstick color was bright red which brought out the beauty of the cheongsam. She looked much more beautiful with her glossy, flaming red lips.

"Oh right, My Lady. There is a package sent to you from Australia. It has been sent to the Nalan clan. I happened to be there for some errands today, so I brought it for you." Anna took out a small black box from her pocket. The box was fully wrapped in plastic.

"Australia?" Linda couldn't recall anyone she knew in Australia.

"What's in the box? Could you open it for me?" said Linda.


n't understand what Anna meant by giving her that glance, but she knew that Anna did it on purpose.

Bun figured out that Anna might be trying to tell her to protect Linda well.

But before Anna could walk out of the room, she felt the cold metal of the gun against her head. "Where are you going?"

Linda and Bun were shocked. Were the other people in this room their enemies?

Linda and Bun also felt something cold against their heads at the same time. It was quite obvious that there were guns behind them.

"Tie them up, "

Ordered a woman. It seemed that she was the leader. Her name was Ada, one of the makeup artists. They were all from a professional company. Nobody expected such an incident.

"Who are you?" Linda turned around and asked.

"You don't need to know who we are, Lady Linda. We are doing it for money. We would have taken you away quietly if you had drunk the water, but you didn't. I have no choice but to do this."

There was a smile on Ada's face. It looked like she was just chatting with them like they were friends.

Even though Ada was smiling, Linda could tell that there was something bothering her from the slight frown on her face. Was Ada waiting for someone, or was she disappointed about not getting something?

In fact, Linda had noticed some of her small but unusual behavior. She recalled that Ada had looked at her watch for several times since she entered the room.

'Maybe she is waiting for someone? Or...' Linda wondered.

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