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   Chapter 406 A Tempest at the Wedding (Part One)

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It was already a well-known fact that his brother would barely walk out of his room. How come he was found fainted on the street outside?

"Yes, the doctor said he passed out on the road, and he was sent to the hospital by some passersby. He is still receiving emergency treatment."

"You'd better go there to check on him!"

"No, I can't leave you alone!"

"How about this? You bring me to Charles's wedding and drop me there. I'll find a way to work it out. You can go see Adam and return to me if you like after you have seen him." Lisa paused for a short while and continued, "You don't have to accompany me. It's between Charles and I. I could do it myself. Just go to the hospital to check on Adam. After all, he is your biological brother. If anything were to happen to him, what would you do?"

Robert intended to call his parents and ask them to check on Adam in the hospital. This way, he could accompany Lisa to Charles's wedding. But now, the considerate Lisa had warmed up Robert's heart.

Moreover, he wanted to keep this from his parents to save them their worry and agitation. After all he wouldn't want to ruin their wonderful around-the-world trip by such distressing news.

Therefore, Robert sent Lisa to the five-star hotel where Charles would throw his wedding ceremony as fast as he could.

Many upperclass elites with their various brands of luxury cars were gathered at the entrance of the hotel. Such hustle and bustle aroused the anger of Robert, but his brother was still lying at the hospital, so he had to wave Lisa goodbye and told her, "Be careful. I'll be back soon. Call me if you get into trouble, okay? You don't have to suffer this all alone. You have me by your side."

Lisa hugged Robert one more time after she got out from the car and told him, "Go to your brother quickly!"


Lisa stood there long after Robert had left. She didn't go straight into the hotel, instead she was consumed with mixed feelings at the sight of Robert's disappearing figure. She murmured to hersel

wedding, yet these could not be distributed to the outside world. After all, it was the private wedding of Linda and Charles. She would like to keep it simple and pure. She married Charles for love, not for some ostentatious superficial reason, nor for his money.

Bun and Linda sat side by side in the lounge. It was still early for the brides to show themselves.

Several dressers were doing their hair and organizing their dresses. The wedding was about to start in half an hour. They had to make sure that everything was in tiptop shape.

"My Lady, are you thirsty? Do you want to have some water?" For her makeup and hair, Linda had sat there for over one hour. Therefore, a dresser on the side got her a cup of water.

Linda was not thirsty at the moment, so she took over the glass of water, nodding to the dresser politely as a return favor for her kind gesture. She then put it on the table and told her with a smile, "Thanks!"

Bun and Linda were adorned with delicate wedding makeup. The former was clad in a western-style wedding dress while the latter in a Chinese wedding robe with matching phoenix coronet.

Bun looked cute and elegant, while Linda, with her blazing red lips, looked like a fairy liberated from worldly affairs. These two people with such contrasting makeup constituted a picturesque view for the guests to admire.

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