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   Chapter 404 Don't Challenge My Patience

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6893

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Robert was worried because if Lisa already felt uncomfortable now, she would feel worse on the plane when they would take an international flight later.

"I'm fine." Lisa sweetly smiled and then put her phone away.

After five minutes, Lisa's phone alerted her again. She didn't want to take it out to check what it was, but she was too scared not to do so.

This time, she received an e-mail instead of a message.

At the beginning of the e-mail, the subject read: Don't look for trouble.

Lisa tapped on the attachment, and it was one of her photos. In the photo, she looked dissolute, glancing lustfully at the camera.

Lisa was shocked by the photo. She was worried that Robert would see it, So she made up an excuse to go to the bathroom. This time Adam sent her a twenty-minute short video via e-mail.

Lisa became frightened the moment she started watching the video. She still remembered that she was pregnant at that time, but Adam still had forced her to take a lot of drugs. If Adam wanted to shoot such video of her, she was unable to stop him.

Now that Lisa was helpless, she had to call Adam.

"How dare you be so bold? Did you just turn a deaf ear to my words?" Adam coldly said these words on the other side of the line, seeming very furious. He didn't expect that Lisa would be this reckless to do this sort of thing this time. She agreed to carry out the task for him today, but now she had managed to ask Robert to buy flight tickets and take a vacation with her.

"I want you to come to the VIP room's bathroom on the ground floor right now. I will give you five minutes to get here. If you couldn't make it on time, the video will be sent to my brother's mailbox automatically."

He then hung up the phone after he finished his words.

After that, Lisa only heard a busy tone, which brought her to despair.

Adam seemed to be really angry. He even rushed to the airport to look for her.

Lisa dared not refuse his demand of going to the VIP room's bathroom.

It took her a few minutes to find the VIP room. When she


Robert was not only Adam's brother, but also the most important person in Adam's life. Since Robert was that valuable to Adam, he wouldn't let Lisa ruin his life. In Adam's eyes, Lisa didn't deserve Robert's love. She was just a slave, his little toy.

"I know."

"Do as I tell you. I will let you go at the right time. You want to stay with my brother, right? I will give you a chance today. I will allow you to be together with my brother as long as you kill Charles. How about that?"

"Master, are you serious about this?" Lisa became a bit excited. Since Adam was willing to give her this opportunity, she believed that she could actually stand a chance to be together with Robert.

"Of course. I can only give you the chance today. Today is Charles's wedding day. You take this along with you. When you see him, you shoot him. Your mission today is to kill him. What do you think?"

Adam moved his foot away from Lisa's hand. Then, he took a gun out of his pocket. Although the gun was very small, the bullets inside made sure that it was as lethal as any other pistols.

"Okay, " agreed Lisa.

Adam was about to leave after he gave the gun to Lisa. Before he left, he glanced at Lisa and warned, "Put away the gun. If my brother discovers it and asks you about it, you have to craft an excuse for it by yourself. Don't challenge my patience again."

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