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   Chapter 402 Only the Dead Could Keep Secrets

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6497

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Lisa tolerated the molestation from Adam for a long while. She didn't dare speak. She just said in a low voice, "Master."

"Hmm, "

Replied Adam with a low and solemn voice in his dark room. Without stopping his caress all over Lisa, Adam slapped her across the face all of a sudden.

It was very painful.

But Lisa didn't dare scream.

"You are so daring now. How dare you persuade my brother to move abroad with you?"

"Master, I really like your brother. I hope you can allow me to live with him, " said Lisa bravely. Adam laughed grimly after hearing her.

'Allow her?

It is already generous enough of me to let her sleep with my brother, ' he thought.

"Don't forget that you are just my slave. I gave you to my brother just to please him. Do you really think you could be the Lady of the Huo clan?"

Lisa was heartbroken as she heard these words.

"No. I just want to stay with him... I don't want to have a position in the Huo clan."

But Lisa still hoped for it. She hoped that Adam would show mercy to her this time and allow her to live together with Robert.

She once had the idea that she was going to be the Lady of the Huo clan. She knew that it would be difficult for her, but she really wanted to marry Robert since she fell in love with him. She believed that there could still be a chance to realize her dream.

Adam still didn't let go of Lisa. He continued saying, "I have told you that you shouldn't have such sort of idea. You know clearly what kind of punishment you will receive if you are not obedient."

"I know, Master."

"As long as you remember who you are in this house. Get out now. My brother will come back in any second. This time, you have to try your best to get Charles into trouble."

"Master, do I really have to do this? I have heard that the real Linda has come back. If I go there now, I will just be caught by them. Linda will absolutely kill me when she sees me..."


she wanted to kill Adam now, she knew that the best thing to do now was to tolerate the shame and play obedient.

At present, she needed to pretend to obey Adam as she secretly tried to find a way to kill him.

After going downstairs and getting out of the front door, Lisa saw Robert's car parked in front of the house. She opened the car door and went inside. Robert had been waiting for her for a while, but he thought that it didn't matter because Linda was worth waiting for.

"Let's go now." Lisa took a deep breath.

Adam had told her that he would send people to help her, so Lisa wasn't worried about any accident this time. She just needed to mess up Charles's wedding and get him in trouble. She would not meddle in other things. After all, she was going to work for Adam today for the last time.

She would kill Adam, letting him pay the price for everything he did to her.

"Linda, you seem to be unwilling to go to the wedding. If you really don't want to go, it's okay if we don't." When Robert got out of the house, a gust of cold wind blew toward him. Now, he was sober up and able to think clearly.

In fact, he had already felt that Linda was a little unwilling, but he was a bit of jealous of Charles.

"Really? Robert, do you mean we don't have to go there?"

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