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   Chapter 401 Don't Let Things Go Well With Charles Mu

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6091

Updated: 2018-11-08 00:07

Love was like a narcotic drug that was impossible to quit if one was addicted to it. Lisa Xia was addicted to it now.

She didn't care whether Robert Huo loved her or not, and she didn't care who he loved. It didn't matter even if it was Linda Xia who he really loved, instead of her Lisa Xia.

"Adam, I think I need your help. I'll move to the UK with Linda, and then we will get married there. I need you to take care of everything here, and I'll also try to persuade mother and father."

Adam Huo looked terrified after hearing what Robert Huo said, and then he gave Lisa Xia a grim glance.

Lisa Xia somehow trembled in fear, especially seeing Adam Huo glaring at her like that.

"Why? Linda, don't you like staying in here? Why won't you hold the wedding here? Why do you have to move to the UK with my brother?" Adam Huo said. A sinister look flashed on his face for a moment, and soon, it returned to normal again.

"I like staying in here, but I think that maybe it would be better to live in a different environment for a change, " Lisa Xia said with her head down. She could feel that Adam Huo was annoyed.

"Maybe it is good to have a change of scenery, but Linda, are you sure you want to leave? Don't you remember? Young Master Mu has announced that he's marrying you today. If you don't show up, who will he marry? Would he marry someone else? What do you think about it?"

Adam Huo said with a smile. Upon hearing what he said, Lisa suddenly had a really bed feeling.

"Adam, what do you mean?" Robert Huo asked.

"Brother, that Charles Mu is a bastard. He said that he is getting married with Linda today, but Linda is here. He must have found someone else to substitute for Linda. Shouldn't we expose his sham instead of letting him create a decent image in front of the public? Think about

ing off meeting with Charles Mu because she was still in love with him.

Robert Huo shook his head to get rid of all these thoughts. For him, as long as he was with Linda Xia, whether she still loved Charles Mu, Robert Huo would be satisfied.

"Okay, I will leave you alone for a while and get the car ready. We will leave in half an hour. Is that okay?" Robert Huo said. Ultimately, they would have to face Charles Mu. Robert Huo hated to see that everything went well with Charles, who was a despiseful person daring to abandon his fiancée when she had just gone through a brutal miscarriage.

Lisa Xia sat alone in a daze quietly after Robert Huo left. If she went to Charles Mu's wedding...

It wouldn't end up well!

Was Adam Huo giving up on her? Why was he pushing her into a fiery pit?

While Lisa Xia was thinking, Adam Huo opened his door again and reached out one hand beckoning her. Lisa Xia couldn't be more familiar with the gesture. Adam Huo was calling her to go inside the room!

Lisa Xia hesitated, but in the end, she decided to go in. Just as she stepped into the room, Adam Huo closed the door immediately and held her in his arms. She could felt his breath huffing in the dark.

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