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   Chapter 400 Falling in Love with Robert

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Since Lord Nalan was willing to make reconciliations, the two clans could finally get along well with each other again.

Linda was so happy about this, so she wore a smile on her face the whole time.

She wanted to chat with them for a while, but a servant said, "my ladys, you should go put on makeup and get dressed now. Young Master Mu and Master Brian will come over here to pick you up at eleven o'clock. Today is your wedding day."

"Go. Don't be late for your wedding."

"That's right. You two should go get ready now. We can have a chat another day. I know what you want to do, " urged Lord Nalan.

"Okay. Grandfather." Linda smiled.

The Xia clan was filled with excitement and happiness, while the Huo clan's villa was very quiet.

"It's a big day today for the Young Master of the Mu clan and the Lady of the Xia clan. They are about to get married today. Congratulations! Our reporter..."

Before she finished listening to the news, Lisa, who felt guilty, turned off the TV.

Robert sat in the living room and listened to the news report. He got confused. 'Linda has been staying with me for so long, but why is Charles announcing that he will marry Linda today?' thought Robert.

"My dear, don't watch this kind of news anymore." Lisa walked up to Robert and sweetly smiled. She was just wearing pajamas, and she skillfully went on top of Robert and sat on his thighs. She then put her smooth hands around Robert's neck.

What she did made Robert feel sexually aroused.

Robert told Lisa, "Charles is so shameless. He is even announcing that you are his wife, and you are going to get married today. Has he forgotten what he had done to you before?"

Robert was very furious. Every time he mentioned Charles, who was once his good friend, he regretted having a friendship with him.

Robert o

"Oh no. I'm sorry. Am I interrupting anything?" said Adam with a sneer.

"No." Lisa immediately shook her head when she saw Adam's sharp stare.

She quickly released Robert and sat aside. She was frightened every time Adam was near.

Although Robert treated Lisa well and did everything he could to please her, Lisa was still upset with Adam who disgusted her greatly.

Adam tried every means to torture and insult Lisa every time Robert wasn't at home. It was really hard for Lisa to accept and tolerate that sort of feeling. Robert and Adam treated her in the totally different ways. She received love from Robert, but she was harassed by Adam.

Lisa was depressed, but she was unwilling to give up on Robert. She wondered why she couldn't get all of Robert's love. She could replace Linda instead of just pretending to be her.

Lisa got more and more furious. She increasingly wanted to escape from Adam, but she was unable to do that.

Adam knew a lot of her secrets. For instance, she wasn't the real Linda. If Robert knew that she was a fake, would he still be this nice to her? Lisa didn't dare take the risk.

She wouldn't know how Robert would react, but it was unlikely to be a good one.

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