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   Chapter 399 The Xia Clan and Nalan Clan Has Buried the Hatchet

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6849

Updated: 2018-11-07 00:08

Sarah Shen had suffered a loss with the death of Amy. She lost her best friend. However, suddenly she realized that Amy had done many wrongful deeds which she had chosen to ignore, given their good relationship when Amy was still alive. Now, Sarah had to admit that Amy was wrong in many aspects.

It was not others who were to blame for her tragic destiny.

It was her affection toward Charles, which was more of an obsession than love.

Perhaps, she did love Charles... But such love was unrequited. It always took two people who were in love with each other to create lifelong happiness.

"Let it go! You still have a long life ahead of you to find a perfect man who would only belong to you." Standing up, Linda patted Sarah on her shoulder and left.

Sarah sat there and had several cups of coffee, while she pondered over what Linda had just said.

By the time she was ready to leave, the clock had already struck midnight. The gentle breeze kissed her cheeks. The weather was getting warmer in May. "Perhaps she was right. I should let it go!" Sarah murmured as she looked into the night sky.

Linda was here to confirm whether Sarah had anything to do with what happened to Bun earlier. As expected, Sarah had nothing to do with it, so Linda left as soon as she got her answer.

By now, Sarah had understood why Brian was so anxious and frantic when he came over to her house earlier today. It was because of Bonny's arrest by the ZY Detective Group.

So... who was the mastermind behind this scheme? Sarah was also confused. She didn't do it, but someone else did.

Anna asked Linda afterward, "It seems that Sarah had nothing to do with this. Who else could have done that? It's so strange."

"I think someone had planned to use Sarah to get rid of Bun."

"Yeah, that might be so." Anna nodded her head.

"Come on. Let's go home!"

By the time they had arrived home, it was already past midnight.

Anna urged Linda to go to sleep. Sleeping late at night was bad for her baby's health.

Linda was dying for a slee

randfather, have you forgotten what youpromised me?" said Linda in a cute voice. Then, she held onto one of Lord Nalan's arms.

"Hm." That sound was Lord Nalan's only response. Obviously, he was still mad at Johnson.

Linda gave Johnson a wink. He immediately understood. His dear daughter wanted to help him restore his relations with the Nalan clan, so he would follow her lead.

Over the years, he had been thinking about this matter. He had been sending presents to the Nalan clan, but Lord Nalan didn't accept any of it. He went to the house of Nalan clan to get the rejected presents, but Lord Nalan wouldn't even see him. He was distressed about it, not knowing what to do.

Now, his dear daughter would like to help fix his relationship with Lord Nalan. He was more than happy to accept her kind gesture.

"Father, it was all my fault back then, but I did have my own difficulties and I have no other choice. It's been so long, and now that Linda was back, safe and sound. Please forgive me for what I have done in the past, " Johnson apologized to Lord Nalan sincerely with his back bent forward and head lowered.

Lord Nalan's face softened upon hearing these words, so he said, "All right then, I will let go of your wrongful deeds in the past. But if you dare mistreat Linda in the future, I will side with her and I won't forgive you again."

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