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   Chapter 398 Don't Want to Give Up

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In fact, they didn't have to look for Benson's other two comrades.

If they found Michael Xie, he would prove that Shawn had revealed the state secrets, therefore Benson and Bun would be free from any charges.

It was disgraceful to frame a child for revealing state secrets. Bun was just a little girl at that time.

"No. I want to go with you. I'm worried about it." Linda shook her head and disagreed.

She was indeed very worried. Their wedding was about to be held tomorrow, but Bun was taken away today. She was distressed about the whole matter.

"Linda, you should stay here. You are pregnant. If you get into any trouble, Charles will definitely hold me responsible. Bun would also not want you to risk it, " said Brian.

Linda pondered for a while and nodded. She was pregnant, and she might bring trouble to them if she also went with them.

"Okay. You should go there now. Be quick. I have a feeling that something bad might happen again."

Her sixth sense was always right.

Linda felt that Michael was still alive, but not for long...

She hoped that what she had imagined would not happen.

After Linda finished her words, Charles, Brian, and Paul got into a car and drove towards JSZJ City.

JSZJ City was not far away from SH City. If they drove at a high speed, it would only take them one hour to get there. They all hoped that they could get there and find that person in time.

After they had left, Linda asked people to tell Anna to come back from the hospital.

Since Bun could take care of Linda, Anna went back to work at the Mu clan's private hospital. But now, Linda was in great need of Anna.

Before Anna came back, Linda had told her what had happened today over the phone. Anna became very anxious as well. She rushed to Linda's house after she received Linda's phone call.

Lord Xia had heard their conversation about what had happened today, but he didn't give his opinion about it.

After Charles left, Lord Xia told Linda, "Linda, ask people to look into this matter. Check

didn't marry her, she would reveal this secret, which would send Bun directly to prison.


"But I didn't do anything." Sarah shook her head.

"I know you didn't do it." Linda smiled.

"You do?"

Sarah was stunned by Linda's words. She concluded from Linda's previous question that Linda thought that she was the one who initiated such thing. But now, Linda was telling her that she knew that she didn't do it, so Sarah got confused.

"Yeah. Although your behavior at the Bureau of Civil Affairs made us think that you will keep holding onto your delusions, not giving up on Brian, I believe that you had already given up on him in your heart."

Sarah went silent, not knowing what to say.

"Sometimes, you only like things you don't have. You should ask yourself whether you really like Brian or whether you just want to have something that can never be yours."

Sarah said with a forced smile, "I don't want to give up so easily. Didn't you know? During those seven days when Brian was together with me, he treated me so well."

"Has it ever occurred to you that he treated every woman, who was as beautiful and charming as you, like he did to you?"

"He treats Bonny in a different way, though... I'm jealous of Bonny."

Somehow, Sarah felt that Linda wasn't annoying. She even went as far as to share her thoughts with her.

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