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   Chapter 397 Comrades Had Been Killed

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"Yes, My Lord, " answered the man.

Then, he left the house quietly.

Brian went straight to the Xia clan's house after he had talked to Sarah.

Now that Linda had moved back to her father's house, Charles would meet her there as well. Brian knew that he could find them there.

"Linda, do you know where they have taken Bun to?"

Charles heard Brian's voice before he went into the house.

Linda shook her head and answered, "I don't know. They said that they were from the ZY Detective Group, but they wouldn't tell me where they were going to take her."

Linda knew that even if she had asked them, they wouldn't tell her a thing. ZY Detective Group was a famous investigative agency which had a certain authority in the society.

Whoever was taken by them could hardly walk out easily. If Charles couldn't find new evidence to prove Bun's innocence, there was a strong possibility that she would be locked up. Brian frowned, worried to death. He had never felt this anxious in his life, Even when he was forced to marry Sarah. Even though he couldn't be with Bun now because his family opposed their relationship, he believed that he could work it out with Bun together as long as they loved each other.

However, the current situation was different.

Bun was taken in by ZY Detective Group. They were investigating Bun's identity. If they had found out that Bun was Benson's daughter, they could accuse her of leaking state secrets.

If there was no new evidence, Bun probably would end up...

"Don't worry, Brian. Paul is helping us find the witnesses of Bun's treason case. If nothing goes wrong, he will be able to bring back the witnesses tonight. Then, we can prove Bun's innocence, as well as her father's."

The minutes ticked with excruciating slowness. They had waited for Paul the whole afternoon. They could do nothing but wait with anxiety.

Linda was thinking about postponing her wedding with Charles.

If they couldn't get Bun released, she wouldn't hold their wedding tomorrow. Bun was still in danger, and Brian was so worried about her.

Their wedding sh

de of Shawn had been living in JSZJ City, but he died right after the accident.

Linda felt that something was off.

These two comrades must have known each other. If the comrade living in JSZJ City had already died, the one with Paul wouldn't have mentioned it. There was a strong possibility that the comrade in JSZJ City was still alive. But why? Why would he fake his death? What was he trying to hide from?

He might know about Shawn's secrets. Was that why he faked his death? Was he afraid that he would get killed by Shawn?

Linda thought of all kinds of possibilities in a very short time. WSS might have missed something. Charles found it strange as well.

"Go deep into it, "

Charles ordered briefly.

Another twenty minutes later, Paul came back and reported, "Young Master, WSS has dug out some more information. The comrade's name was Michael Xie, but it seems that he is now living under the name of Mike Xie. He is currently living in JSZJ city. Even though he has tried hard to hide his tracks for a dozen years, we found a trail of clues showing that he is still alive."

"Let's take action immediately. Do you have his address? We can go to JSZJ City right now, " Linda decided.

"Yes, we have, " Paul nodded.

"Babe, you shouldn't go there. You are pregnant, and it's already 11 o'clock. I will go with Brian and Paul, and I will bring Mike Xie back by myself."

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