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   Chapter 395 Sarah Shen Has Taken Linda by Surprise!

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 6446

Updated: 2018-11-04 00:09

Perhaps Brian Ho had sent someone to pick Bun up?

But why did he send three cars. It was too much! Would Bun fancy such ostentation? She definitely would not.

Four soldiers swiftly got off the first car with guns and marched toward Bun. The leader of the team looked at Bun, checked the photo in his hand, waved his hands and told the three behind him, "Take her."

Linda felt that something was not right, so she tried to stop them right away, "Stop, who are you guys?"

The leader looked at Linda with a grim face and answered, "It's none of your business. Stay out of it. It's a classified military affair."

"What classified military affair? You couldn't take her away from me without a qualified reason!" Linda took out her phone from her pocket as she spoke and dialed Charles's number automatically.

She felt that Bun might have gotten into some trouble, so it was better to fix it as soon as possible.

Charles was busy planning the wedding. He had prepared a wedding gift for Linda, hoping she would like it.

He didn't expect to receive Linda's call at the moment, for they had agreed to meet at her house later and have dinner there with Johnson together. Why was she calling now?

"Hello, honey. Are you missing me already?" Charles said in a cheerful tone when he answered the phone.

But Linda didn't answer his question. Instead, he heard her shouting, "You couldn't take her away from me without a qualified reason! "

Charles had a sharp mind. He soon figured out that this phone call was beyond their usual greetings.

The leader produced his credentials from the pocket of his coat and presented it to Linda, "I am from ZY Detective Group. We suspect that the lady by your side is involved in a case of leakage of confidential information, so we are going to take her in for further investigation."

Linda's heart sank upon hearing those words. She thought to herself, 'Sarah's strike h

k him in the eye.

"Please wait for a moment, Master Brian. I'll go tell Her Ladyship." The servant was at a loss. Brian asked to see Sarah, so the servant had no other choice but to do so.

Sarah was drinking alone in her room.

She had indeed made ill remarks toward Brian and Bun, Which made her feel better. But now she was extremely sad, not knowing what to do.

She had feelings for Brian and wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.

Yet sadly, that was against the will of Brian.

Her grandfather asked her when she returned home, "How did your marriage registration go? Is everything okay? Why did you come home so early? Why not dine together with Brian to celebrate this special occasion?" Sarah didn't know what to say. She dodged these questions with a simple reply, "Brian had to deal with some business in the army, so he went back early."

Lord Shen didn't ask her any more questions. He was assured that they had gotten a marriage certificate.

"My Lady, Master Brian is here for you. Please go to him quickly!"

A servant told her after knocking at the door.

'Brian should have been celebrating his union with Bonny right now. Why is he here looking for me? Oh!

Did he change his mind? Or does he plan to apologize for his wrongdoings?'

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