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   Chapter 394 Cars from the Military

Vengeful Girl with Her CEO By Mei Jiao Characters: 5764

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Linda still felt scared when she thought about what had happened.

If her grandfather hadn't saved her from the surging river, then she would have been dead now.

Her grandfather must have paid close attention to her. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to save her in time.

She sobbed when she thought of her grandfather's concern for her.

She had a really wonderful time during her stay in the Nalan clan's house. Richard took good care of her, and he loved her very much.

From him, she saw a living example of a caring grandfather. His love was genuine.

Maybe she had been treated this well because of her mother, Richard's youngest daughter. Linda had heard that Richard had loved his youngest daughter deeply.

The death of Sherry was a heavy blow to him. He had refused to contact the Xia clan ever since. He also despised Johnson because he hadn't protected his lovely little girl.

But as time passed by, he was determined to let the past stay in the past. It was no good for him to bury himself in sorrow caused by Sherry's death.

"Grandfather, can I ask my father to visit you? When you're free?"

Linda still hoped the two clans would be reconciled.

After all, there was no need for Richard to hold a grudge against Johnson. Her mother's death had little to do with him.

Even though she felt there were still some secrets, Linda had decided to let it go since May was already in jail.

May had already gotten what she had deserved. Linda was determined to stop the whole thing here so as to leave a good karma for the five-month old baby in her womb.

"No need for that, I think. If the Xia clan treats you badly, you can come back anytime you want. Okay? The Nalan clan's door is

t whatever it was, she could handle it.

"I'm good. Father, don't worry about me." Her nose twitched, and tears rolled down her face.

"There, there. Let's come in. I've asked the cook to make your favourite dishes."

Johnson was on cloud nine when he saw Linda's tummy. The five-month old baby in her womb was big enough to bulge her belly a bit.

Back when he had read the news that Charles abandoned her after her miscarriage, he was very surprised. From Linda's tummy, the news seemed to have been fake. But he knew that the news couldn't have been cooked up from nowhere.

Something must have happened.

But that didn't matter. He was happy to see that Linda was healthy, active, and even plump due to her pregnancy.

"Okay. Bun, fetch the luggages. We are going in." Linda turned her head back and told Bun, who was behind her.

"Okay, My Lady." Bun nodded and smiled back. Then, she walked towards the trunk.

All of sudden, some black cars stopped at the gate of the Xia clan. From the plate numbers, Linda could tell that those cars were from the military.

What was going on here? Why were there cars from the military?

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