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   Chapter 393 Lord Nalan's Dearest Granddaughter Got Married

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"It's good to be a married woman because now you have me. Aren't you satisfied?"

While looking at Charles's expression, Linda knew that he was thinking about something sexual again, but she understood him. Charles was an energetic man. When she was together with him before her pregnancy, he almost wanted to have sex with her everyday. Now that she was pregnant, she couldn't satisfy him.

Sometimes, Charles looked at Linda with an eager expression in his eyes, but he had to restrain himself.

Linda understood Charles very much.

"What are you thinking about?" asked Linda briefly.

"I'm only thinking about you."

Charles took Linda by the hand lovingly.

He didn't know when he fell in love with this woman, but he was mad for her now. He looked at her bulging belly. Their baby was inside it. Perhaps... This was the happiness he was looking for in life.

"Honey, I will give you a grand wedding tomorrow and make you the most beautiful and noble woman in this world."

Linda was afraid that one more look at the sincere expression in Charles's eyes she would burst into tears, so she changed the topic.

"Hey, you said there is a chance to reverse the decision of the case of what happened. What's do you mean by that? Did it really have something to do with the Shen clan? How? I think that Sarah will absolutely not give up this time. We should take actions as soon as possible and make a plan before she gets any chance to act on it."

Linda knew that it was best to beat Sarah to it.

Charles nodded, gently touched Linda's belly, and said, "My father was the first one to investigate this matter. He had looked into this case for so long. New information has been discovered in recent months. But at that time, you suddenly disappeared, so we put it aside. Now, we're investigating it again. We speculate that Bun didn't divulge the military secret. Someone framed Bun and wanted to deceive everybody."

"They went too far. If Bun didn't reveal the secret, then did Sarah's father do it?"

"Yes. Sarah's father worked with Bun's father, but the official post of Sarah's

ther with Bun. If Benson had really done that, Bun would have been the daughter of the person who caused Brian's parents to die. It was natural for Lord Ho to oppose Brian's relationship with Bun.

"I thought that there must be some misunderstanding somewhere. Benson would absolutely not have done such a thing. He was the Vice Admiral, so he had no reason to reveal the state secret."

"Don't get too anxious. We will find out more about it within a few days." Charles slightly smiled.

They had to put this matter aside first because they were about to hold their wedding tomorrow. After Linda went back, Charles sent people to come over and pack Linda's things. Linda then went back to the Xia clan's house first.

After all, the Xia clan's house was her real home. The Nalan clan's house was just her mother and grandfather's home.

After he found out about it, Lord Nalan personally came over to see Linda off.

"Linda, I hope you will have a great time in the Mu clan. I also hope that you could often come back and visit me."

Richard's eyes got red, filled with tears. He seldom cried in his life, but this moment made him want to.

His dearest granddaughter had gotten married.

"Okay. I will, Grandfather. I will come back to visit you every week." Linda also couldn't hold back her tears.

Since Richard had taken good care of her these days, she was healthy and safe now.

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