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   Chapter 392 A Married Woman

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"That's right, honey. But don't worry. Everything will be clear within a few days. Paul is busy investigating what had happened back then."

It was no wonder that Paul didn't show up these days. He was supposed to be responsible for dealing with Sarah today, but he was nowhere to be found.

Linda wondered where he was, but Charles had now explained that he sent Paul to carry out another task.

Linda also knew about the matter that year.

Her university tutor once said that even if one was hypnotized, he or she would still have been able to tell others the secrets in their minds. That was probably what happened to Bun when she leaked the state secrets by telling the enemy the naval deployment.

The most suspicious thing was the fact that Bun had been sent back safe and sound.

If she had become a prisoner of war, how could she be sent back completely uninjured?

Linda didn't believe that the hostile country would be that kind.

Brian was deeply distressed by this matter.

Lord Ho once told him that after that battle, his parents shot themselves when the enemy troops discovered the strategic deployment line and arrested them.

If Bun really revealed a military secret, she would have become the person who caused Brian's parent's death.

Brian believed that Bun wasn't that kind of person. Some time ago, Charles persuaded Brian to be calm, because he had found some leads on this matter.

It seemed that the Shen clan had something to do with it. Brian had kept putting up with that until now.

In the beginning, he didn't look at Sarah with disgust. He just regarded Sarah as an ordinary woman whom he didn't like.

But after Charles told him that the matter, which had happened that year, was related to the Shen clan, Brian increasingly detested the Shen clan.

Brian was a stubborn man, and he would surely refuse getting married to Sarah, without caring about Sarah's and other Shen clan members' feelings.

If he would do such thing, he must be forced by the Shen clan.

But he was grateful to Sarah's father who rescued him when he was kidnapped, and because of that, Sarah's father had been critically injured during the rescue and b

mbarrassed and suddenly understood what was happening, so she said, "It's okay. I have some money. I can lend it to you first."

The service charge only cost a little. The staff was very excited and nervous because she had the chance to process Linda and Charles's registration. She didn't expect that such a funny thing would happen, too.

"Thank you. We will pay you back the money another day." Linda smiled at the staff.

When they came there today, it was drizzling, but this didn't affect Linda's mood at all.

When the stamp was pressed on their marriage license, Linda knew that she had officially gotten married.

She was finally married to a man she loved.

Then they headed back home. Charles carefully supported Linda with his hand and walked out of the Bureau of Civil Affairs. Linda was five months pregnant now, and they were about to hold their wedding ceremony tomorrow.

At this moment, Linda's feelings were beyond description.

Somehow, she and Charles were calm.

"Honey, what are you thinking about? Why are you so quiet?" With his arms around Linda, Charles gently massaged her waist. Somehow, he couldn't get enough of Linda's unique smell. He wanted to get closer to her.

But now, Linda was pregnant, and it wasn't convenient for them to do a lot of things that they wanted to do.

Linda's thoughts were interrupted by Charles. She touched his head and said, "I'm just thinking that now I am a married woman."

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