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   Chapter 391 Sarah's Obsession

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"Linda Xia, aren't you going to tell us what you did to Amy? Don't you know that she was afraid of insects and heights? You are so cruel," said Sarah.

They had been sitting in silence for a long while after they sat down. Sarah could not resist questioning Linda at last.

She could not stop herself from thinking about it after Rosy told her what had happened.

"What have I done to her? I don't need to explain myself to you. Do you know what Amy had done to me?" said Linda.

The coffee had been served. Linda had ordered a cup of brown sugar macchiato. She said while inhaling the sweet smell of the coffee.

Sarah remained silent again after she heard what Linda said.

Sarah was furious when Rosy told her what had happened to Amy that night. Sarah felt really sorry for Amy. She thought what Linda did was unforgivable.

Sarah hadn't recalled what Amy had done to Linda until now. Amy had slashed Linda across the face with a knife, and she had almost killed Linda, too.

Compared to what Amy did to her, Linda's prank was no big deal.

"Sarah, you know well that Brian doesn't like you. He has told you that clearly. Back then, he was not serious about you, and he was a young, naive playboy. Stop haunting him. He doesn't love you. You won't be happy even if he marries you," said Linda.

"They won't be happy either if they can not get the blessing of his family. Don't you see that? I don't think that Brian will be happy even if he marries Bonny. They love each other? So what? They don't have the support from his family. They won't be happy together," shouted Sarah in anger.

Sarah had stood up from the chair. She felt quite emotional when they talked about Brian. She was banging on the table with a red face while she was speaking.

"It is none of your business whether they will be happy together or not, but you should know that he won't be happy with you," Linda replied calmly, disregarding Sarah's emotional actions.

"Brian, have you thought it through? She is a descendant of a traitor. If you stay with her, you will get invol

calendar, today was an auspicious date.

Charles noticed that they were all sitting in silence in the VIP room. They all looked fairly serious. "What's wrong? What happened?" asked Charles.

"Sarah found out about the knockout drops we put in the car."

"How? We didn't mention this plan to anyone else," Charles asked, puzzled.

Linda explained, "My guess is that Rosy had told her about our plan. They must have met. Do you remember the bug in my living room?"

Charles nodded. He understood the whole thing at once.

"Stop thinking about her. Let's get our marriage certificate first," said Charles. Then, he walked up to Linda and placed his hand on her waist.

Linda frowned a bit and said, "I'm very worried. Sarah kept saying that Bun was a descendant of a traitor. I'm afraid that she would use this to hurt Bun. Back then, your great grandfather had saved Bun in secret. There were very few people who knew about it, right?"

Charles nodded and answered, "Yes, very few people knew about it. Bun would have been executed since she had leaked state secrets to others."

Charles glanced at Bun and added, "But it might not be true. Bun's father might have been framed by someone else. We've been investigating this matter. We are now getting closer to the truth. It seems that it had something to do with the Shen clan."

"The Shen clan? You mean Sarah's family?"

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