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   Chapter 390 Wouldn't Let Sarah Shen Happy

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In the car, Brian Ho had taken an antidote before he got in.

The car perfume, containing knockout drops which would make Sarah Shen unconscious for a while, evaporated gradually inside the car.

However, twenty minutes after, Sarah Shen still hadn't fainted, and she seemed to be all right. Brian Ho was getting nervous because Sarah Shen didn't pass out nor talk to him at all, which was unusual.

Sarah Shen sneered as she saw Brian Ho staring at her.

"What's wrong? Why are you staring at me, Brian?"


Brian Ho shook his head.

It suddenly became awkward in the car since no one spoke.

"We will soon arrive at the Civil Affairs Bureau. Brian, are you happy?"

Sarah Shen suddenly turned to him and asked.

Brian Ho was happy, of course, because Bun was waiting for him at the Civil Affairs Bureau, and they would get their marriage license once he arrived.

"Of course, I'm happy."

Brian Ho didn't mean to deceive her, so he said nothing more. Anyway, he felt sorry for what he was going to do to Sarah Shen today.

"Really?" Sarah Shen asked again.

Believing that Sarah Shen meant something else by her words, Brian Ho became impatient and said, "What are you trying to say?"


Sarah Shen turned around and stopped talking.

The car moved slowly toward the Civil Affairs Bureau. Brian Ho got increasingly anxious. Why was Sarah Shen still sober? Hadn't the knockout drops worked yet? Brian Ho was terribly worried.

When the car stopped at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Sarah Shen was still conscious.

"Let's go, Brian. We can go to the VIP hall directly without waiting in line," Sarah Shen said, glancing drily at Brian Ho. Then, she got off the car first.

Looking at Sarah Shen, Brian Ho felt that something was wrong.

Had she found out?

That was impossible!

Brian Ho was actually losing confidence about his schemes for today.

Anyway, he was the bad guy in his r

so quickly. Let's meet Brian and Sarah first because they are waiting for us."

Charles Mu hadn't arrived yet, so there were only Linda Xia and Bun. Linda Xia was here to accompany Bun because she was very nervous and had hesitations about getting married.

Linda Xia, with a giant pregnant belly, walked out with Bun. Then, they saw Brian Ho and Sarah Shen in the hall.

"Bravo, Linda Xia! You've done well with this evil plan of yours, "

Sarah Shen said once she saw Linda Xia.

"Same to you, Sarah," Linda Xia said with a smile.

"Let's find a place that we can sit down and talk. I almost fell for your scheme, so I have a lot of questions for you."

"Let's go, "

Linda Xia said. Then, the four of them went to a café next to the Civil Affairs Bureau and sat down in a VIP room.

After sitting down, nobody spoke, and even Sarah Shen was quiet, stirring the coffee in front of her.

Linda Xia also didn't say a word. She was patient enough to wait for Sarah Shen to speak first.

Linda Xia didn't think she did anything wrong because Brian Ho was only forced to marry Sarah Shen.

What was wrong with helping people, who were in love, be together?

Besides, Sarah Shen had made a lot of things difficult for her. Even if not for Bun, Linda wouldn't have let Sarah Shen be happy.

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