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   Chapter 389 The Bureau of Civil Affairs

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Lord Ho thought that Brian was unwilling to come back, so he sent many people to the military. He had decided to ask people to forcibly tie him up and take him back if he resisted. But to Lord Ho's surprise, Brian obeyed his order.

Brian came back after Lord Ho told his people to inform him.

Sarah found out about it and knew clearly what was behind Brian's sudden change of attitude.

She might be very happy about this if she didn't know the truth, and she would even wonder whether Brian had changed his mind.

Now, Sarah knew that Brian agreed to come back to marry her not because he changed his mind.

There was a planned conspiracy against her. The man, who had agreed to marry her, wanted to marry someone else by taking advantage of getting the marriage license first with another woman.

Sarah was depressed about this, but she felt helpless.

Brian was being submissive, agreeing to marry Sarah just because of that plan.

When she knew that Brian had come back, Sarah became even more morose.

She was in a bad mood. Unpleasant things happened one after another, which made Sarah's heart ache.

She couldn't accept the fact that Amy had died. Now, she also had to face the issue with Brian, and it was harder for her to accept that.

Since she had no way to avoid it, she could only go with the flow.

Every man was born for his own interest.

Although Linda pitied Sarah, Bun, who took care of her all the time, was the one whom she cared about the most. Because of this, Linda had to try to destroy Sarah's wedding and help Bun marry Brian.

After Brian went back home, Lord Ho asked him to visit Sarah first. After all, they were living in a modern society instead of an ancient one wherein the bride and the bridegroom couldn't see each other before the wedding.

Brian and Sarah could see each other before they got married. It was better for them to meet each other after a month of separation.

Brian nodded and agreed.

"Oh, right. Grandfather, give me the household register. I'm going to get the marriage license with Sarah today because we are going t

marry me?"

Brian looked at her and replied, "Of course."

"Okay." Sarah smiled and looked at Brian. She wanted to remember how Brian looked like now.

"Let's go. It is getting late." Brian checked the time. He didn't know when the Bureau of Civil Affairs would be closed, but he discussed with Linda and Charles that they should arrive there at two o'clock in the afternoon. It would not be good if he was late. Moreover, Bun was also waiting for him.

Linda, Bun, and Charles were ready.

They were only waiting for Sarah and Brian.

Paul also got ready to carry out his task. After Sarah got into Brian's car, some drugs similar to the knock-out drops would volatilize inside the car to put Sarah in a coma.

After she passed out, Paul would take Sarah away.

Then, Brian and Bun would go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs to get a marriage license. It looked like a simple thing, but there were many important details involved in it.

The most important part was tomorrow's wedding.

They would try to make Sarah believe that she and Brian had gotten the marriage license today. In this way, they could make sure that all would go well with the wedding tomorrow.

Brian took Sarah to his car, and the car slowly drove toward the Bureau of Civil Affairs. Sarah was especially familiar with the place, so she might have discovered their plan if Brian didn't drive toward that place.

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